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Subscribe to this thread Lord Void created by Prometheus on March 31, 2013

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Prometheus3/31/13 6:07pm
Amazing there isn't a thread for this character yet. Even if there isn't much to discuss about him, he seems to hold some relevancy.

So, apparently, he's the current man-in-charge of the Nightmares. And it took Jeneviv's life to summon him from some sort of a slumber. And it would seem he is confused about Nabonidus being in his place and attempting to destroy him led to a stalemate.

That's all we know of this freak show. Speculation time!

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Gloves3/31/13 6:28pm
I kinda wonder why it was Jeneviv that got killed, and not Kalei. Like, is there some specific reason it was her? And is that why Kalei is all glow-y purple in V3?

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AriaOutlander4/2/13 9:05am
Too bad she had to die. When I read the prequel comic, I saw Jeneviv, and I was like "Wait, wasn't she killed?"

Hilarity ensued, as I've always called her the ghost girl from then on.

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HazzardousEco4/3/13 11:18pm
I'm not really sure where Dave and Liz can go with this guy. It's pretty clear what his motives are and he doesn't seem the guy who can pull plot twists like Nabondius can. I think what should be addressed is to why he is so weak that Nabondious can go toe to tow with him. Course this could have been explained in Volume 3, but I haven't read Volume 3 so you'll have to give me the benefit of the doupt on this one...

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CalicoYorki11/24/13 11:27am
Void is an interesting concept.

Because thus far, he seems to be nothingness.

Want to know something interesting about nothing?

Nothing can't be broken. You can't kill nothing. When you destroy everything, nothing is left.

And Lord Void seems to be an avatar of nothingness, in some capacity.


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MobileCrusader4/3/14 3:36pm
I dont know about that, he seems to be some sort of earth elemental here

I assume that is simply some sort of skeleton around which a powerful darkness perpetuates itself.

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TruthQuest4/8/14 2:44pm
No no he's coating himself in the remains of the destroyed altar and if you look closely at him you can see that there is nothing in between the rubble coating him.

His bodily aspects are very much 'void' like, with a rough cover to shape him visibly.

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Korangar4/8/14 7:08pm
No, i've to agree with MobileCrusader on this. He looks like a skeleton of a giant sandman

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MobileCrusader4/8/14 10:37pm
if he is just covered in rubble, why does it loop back up at the hand parts?

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Korangar4/9/14 4:02am
Yep, a face and two hands.

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MobileCrusader4/9/14 12:40pm
I wish vol 3 was online soi could link pictures of him from the battle at the beginning.

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Korangar4/10/14 3:45am
Vol 3 is available on some websites.

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Salahir4/10/14 1:09pm
Well, not in legal terms. Wouldn't never post something like that here.

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MobileCrusader4/10/14 5:43pm
The notion of posting that here just seems... perverse.

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Shard4/14/14 11:16am
I wonder why Void did't appear after his fight with Nabonidus. Y'know let his subordinates know he was still kicking.

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