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Subscribe to this thread Musical Omnibus? created by CalicoYorki on March 18, 2013

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CalicoYorki3/18/13 1:48pm
I hope this is okay.

This is basically a place for us to embed or link songs that we greatly enjoy, and want others to hear and possibly discuss. I'll start us off with...

~ ~ ~

This song genuinely made my life better for having listened to it.

And I hope it can do the same for someone else.

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CalvinCopyright3/19/13 5:57am
Hmm, I like this! Both the music and the idea, that is.


This has been my favorite instrumental piece for a while. It's the Silent Ensemble, composed by Zune, the creator of Touhou, and it's the theme of the Prismriver sisters:

What a beautiful violin.

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ezioauditore973/19/13 5:46pm
Nice songs everybody!

I am going to do a big anime marathon this weekend and am watching some awesome openings and closings in anticipation!
There are a lot more I could share but I don't think anybody else really care that much.

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Shadow996113/19/13 7:13pm
I'm looking for some driving music here. Though a little differently than most. Does anyone have recommendations for a real deep, brassy orchestra? I have an affinity for 'epic' sounding music, and all i've got currently is the intro to Crysis 2.

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Thegunner183/20/13 11:47am
You want epic sounding music? You're gonna get epic sounding music! Just go to Park0urFreak's channel and choose literally any of the songs there. There are plenty, trust me.

I also recommend this song:

Enjoy ^-^

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CalicoYorki3/22/13 3:21pm


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CalvinCopyright3/26/13 5:33pm
Found something else awesome from Touhou.

These are a couple remixes of Tewi Inaba's theme, Lord Usa's White Flag.

First one (this one is faster and somewhat more repetitive):

Second one (this one uses different instruments; I like this one more overall):

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CalicoYorki4/11/13 1:17pm

Strange Baby, by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

I think they might have shorted their own speakers


EDIT: Oh, and if anyone wants to sample some epic music -

I Am The Doctor (Every Star Every Planet)

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Animefan184/13/13 5:02pm
here something to enjoy:

now imagine lilith playing violin and namah playing cello

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CalicoYorki4/14/13 12:07am

Hard Times Come Again No More, Iron and Wine cover

Pipe organ for the win.

EDIT: Well, maybe this will get your attention!

Homestuck ~ Upward Movement (Dave Owns)

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DanWithTheHat5/8/13 8:13pm
Upward Movement is a great track. It makes [s]: Descend so awesome.

If anyone still wants epic sounding music, checkout Two Steps from Hell. All of their music is epic.

Finally, one of my friends got me hooked on to Macklemore & Lewis's album, "The Heist". I usually don't listen to rap but they're good.

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korze915/17/13 11:23pm
Never heard of Two Steps from Hell until now and that is awesome. It's like the feeling you get when you're witnessing an epic battle in front of you with blood shed. Gonna add this to my amazon wishlist.

Now on what I'm really digging at the moment: I love the way this song goes from extreme and then dreamy and hypnotizing on several moments. The jagged melodies in this song are also awesome. I also enjoy how the vocoder give this sort of uneasy atmosphere as if a big unusual creature is about to come into form and cause destruction. To me this would be the song to an epic fight in DK as well.

also this obscure folk gem: It's weird that the rain occurs in the middle of the song, but other than that, this a nice and calm song I like to listen to when I want to take a break from all the metal I listen to.

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CalicoYorki7/16/13 8:48pm
I have recently fallen in love with music from Touhou.

Here, we have the full version to Flandre Scarlet's theme, "U.N. Owen Was Her":

If someone so wishes, I can later link the English version of Bad Apple!

Now, for some Yume Nikki music. First, we have the ethereal and soothing remix of the Floating Tile World theme:

And for the finale, another Yume Nikki remix. This time, a piano version of "Masada-sensei, Sing Us a Song"

So uh yeah! I decided to EDIT this song in.

The fourth ending theme to Eureka 7.

got a great beat easy to dance to

even if it's in japanese

you have no choice

but to bounce

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Prometheus7/28/13 6:55am
I've recently got Bliss by Muse stuck in my head.

And, I hope this is okay to ask and I don't mean to sound like a Youtuber, but does anyone know who covers the metal version of Uprising by Muse? It can be heard in this video. (Skip to 1:01 and ignore the head-banging bear in the flaming car. XD)

Also, I'm looking for the artist who covered Money (That's What I Want) in this Mercenaries 2 Trailer.

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T3rminal7/28/13 10:57am
Masterslave, at least...I think.


I Fight Dragons: Suburban Doxology.

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