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Subscribe to this thread Beyond Starfall- OOC/Roster created by Shadow99611 on March 16, 2013

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Shadow9961110/3/13 11:59pm
I was holding out, since it seems a little scarce for people around here for a while, i think we're a little on hold while everyone gets their crap together.

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AriaOutlander10/24/13 7:51pm
Esayo has College and College accessories.
(to deal with)

wow i broke a 20 day silence

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Shadow9961111/9/13 1:20pm
Alright, seeing as Esayo is not going to be returning, I would like to take this rp off of hold and get it running again, we are probably going to have to drop some characters, just because their respective players will not be returning, so there's going to be some reorganizing going on, and it would be helpful if everyone weighed in and touched baae before we started.

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joeden11/9/13 8:49pm
I`m here and always will be!

Yet i'm having the feeling i`m going too outlive the site members happened on previous sites where i outlived the members (As being an active member)

But funny i played games and been on sites till their deaths watched/been apart of it... I feel like a timelord/grimreaper

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RennacFaintheart11/11/13 12:40pm
I'll be here. So theres three characters you wont have to do without. Least Enzii will be easy to be rid of, since he was on his own. Not sure where Glove's characters were but I am assuming it wouldn't be too much of a stretch

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Shadow9961111/11/13 9:07pm
Gloves wasn't here. I think I can at least run with your guy's portion of the story, seeing as Roan and Gunner haven't chimed in yet. So we can be up and running, and I can fudge the timeline a little to account for any crazy loss of time (ie: gunner can set up in the camp, the natives take roan by force somewhere) and we can keep rolling.

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Roan11/18/13 3:03pm
Alright. I'm here.
But I won't be on for very much.
I'm in heavy/difficult classes with first aid, and so much more stuff.
Trying to be a 911 Tech is hard. DX

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Shadow9961111/18/13 4:11pm
Hey don't worry about it, I don't mind so long as we know what's up. Take your time! Learn how to save people right! I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

Since gunner is still absent, maybe sometime this week I'll get the ball rolling again (I have a Calc and a Chem exam this week. Blurgmuffin.)

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RennacFaintheart11/19/13 4:50am
Let me know if you need any help Roan, I'm fully trained for CPR and First aid so if you need help, just send me a PM

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joeden11/24/13 1:29am
So just wanting to check we're still going to continue with little change?

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Shadow9961111/24/13 1:33am
Yeah! Easyo still seems present, and I see roan around.. I meant to get to this earlier, but unfortunately I just have been too busy to give this my full attention. (I need to siddown and really give this my full attention)

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joeden12/11/13 9:55am
Is the RP dead now?

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Shadow9961112/11/13 2:34pm
Noooo.... Gah, i've just been crap at sitting down and posting... I'm really sorry for the delays, but I'm probably not going to get one out before finals are over...

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Shadow996111/4/14 2:56am
I RETURN!! GAH!!!!! That fight post took a lot of mental thinking, if i have some things wrong, lemme know. (theres waaayyyy too many characters in one spot.).

I told you guys this wasn't dead, I just needed the right moment, and I got it. I don't expect this to jump put of the proverbial grave immediately, but I do hope we don't have a gap quite as large as last time.

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Esayo1/4/14 2:22pm
Glad to have you back, hope your finals went alright, had my first round of them this year, they're certainly...something.

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