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Subscribe to this thread Beyond Starfall- OOC/Roster created by Shadow99611 on March 16, 2013

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joeden8/1/13 6:48am
Yea page 11 3rd post down.

Ollow took the chain and put it around his torso and said "thanks, i just asked for the strongest chain they had, because Harry can snap through most chains; along with rope easily with little to no problems." Ollow then watched as harry tied his chain around his torso and did up his jacket as Ollow did the same. Ollow then got up and grabbed the stuff giving it to Harry and said "I`m just going to get something from the bar real quick, Make sure he doesn't lose the stuff, i`ll be right back" Ollow then walked to the counter and bought the strongest drink they had and slipped it into his jacket.

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Shadow996118/1/13 6:48pm
Thanks for checking so quickly! I'll let the boards slide, though technically it would be more like branches.

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joeden8/1/13 8:58pm
Yea sorry my fault on that, i knew there would be would i just assumed it would be all types of forms sorry.

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joeden8/10/13 6:19am
Who we waiting on?

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Shadow996118/11/13 9:32am
I was trying to see if Roan or Gunner would pop back in...

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joeden8/11/13 9:51am
Well i think Roan is in the hospital again most likely and the last i heard from Gunner is gone camping i think.

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Thegunner188/11/13 2:16pm
I'm popping back in.

Had a reasonably busy summer so far (and about to get busier). Also, I've just not really been up for much writing/rp'ing. But yeah, hopefully I'm back for much longer.

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joeden8/22/13 10:01pm
Hey shadow we going to kick some life into the RP or are we just going to sit silent till the cows jump over the moon to see the man on the moon with the cat in the cradle and the silver spoon with little boy blue then go dancing with miss muffet?

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Thegunner188/23/13 12:26pm
Well, I'm in Barcelona for another week so I won't be able to post until I'm back from there. Just a quick update.

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Shadow996118/23/13 6:09pm
This is around the time school is staring for everyone, about this time next week I'll be moving into freshmen dorms m'self, so probably for the next week or two it'll be slow around here as everyone adjusts.

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joeden8/23/13 10:12pm
Understandable good luck and all hope you pass your classes and may the emperor guide you well for the imperium of man.

Whoops playing to much space marine oh well good heretic is a dead heretic and all on all. Good luck shadow :)

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joeden8/29/13 7:27pm is the same face and colors as ollow only a little more of a lighter Gray, that ok with you Shadow?

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joeden9/4/13 6:12pm my mistake on the first one this is the proper one to describe ollow's colours

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Shadow996119/4/13 8:36pm
That's fine! I should be returning now to the forums! Just got all settled in in the dorms.

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joeden10/3/13 9:34pm
Who we waiting on? If roan i`m pretty sure she's not in any major effecting point of the story and could maybe finish the fight?

Now where did Easyo go?

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