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Subscribe to this thread Beyond Starfall- OOC/Roster created by Shadow99611 on March 16, 2013

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Shadow996117/29/13 6:55pm
Right. No. I'll let him be stronger than the world class lifter, but a artillery cannon is unreasonable.

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T3rminal7/29/13 6:56pm
Apparently the 2s7 is the largest vehicle in the Russian military force.

It is a tank. It self-trenches. It can fire Concrete-Piercing, Tactical Nuclear, and potentially Chemical rounds.

It weighs in at 46 tons, and has a 203mm rear mounted gun. This is the Self-Propelled Gun.

A few quick searches and this is what I come up with. Don't mean to be nitpikcy or anything...but that is a hell of a lot of force coming from one dude. He would have had to have had his entire body scrapped, and then made anew from tanks, spartans (300 and Halo kinds), and God.

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joeden7/29/13 6:58pm
Right I'll edit it down sorry I'm trying to fall asleep but its not working and my face is sunburnt I'll fix it when I get the chance.

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joeden7/29/13 7:01pm
Also term for that he'd just need to be a space marine with his power.

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Shadow996117/29/13 7:04pm
.... Jezzuz. That a hell of a gun *I want one*. Take it easy Joe, Fix it when you get a chance, but just remember to be measured on your allotments of power to Ollow...

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T3rminal7/29/13 7:05pm
Space Marine is one thing, but even they don't have the force of Howitzers stored up in their manly arm muscles or glutes.

Like Shadow said, Being really strong is one thing (World class lifter kind of strength. Now that's manly and POSSIBLE). But being a man who can destroy cities because he got angry and used his power? kinda Op'd

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Shadow996117/29/13 7:08pm
Imagine if he sneezed....

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joeden7/29/13 7:13pm
Yea it would be green and messy all over runny nose

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Shadow996117/29/13 7:18pm
Uh, ren? There's only one.

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RennacFaintheart7/29/13 7:58pm

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joeden7/30/13 8:50am
Yay post 2000!

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Shadow996117/31/13 10:34pm
Where did Ollow get the bottle? And now that I'm looking, where did Harry find the boards?

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joeden8/1/13 6:33am
Ollow bought the bottle from the bar a while ago, which was in the posts Ollow bought an extra bottle before leaving and I assumed that there would have been some form of wood at a makeshift camp for the fire.

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Shadow996118/1/13 6:45am
I did a quick check, and I don't see a mention of any bottle being taken.

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joeden8/1/13 6:47am
Right before i left the bar Olllow bought a bottle of frementae.

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