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Subscribe to this thread Beyond Starfall- OOC/Roster created by Shadow99611 on March 16, 2013

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Shadow996117/26/13 6:49pm
I have no idea.

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Roan7/26/13 8:07pm
I don't think there's any...

Last time I read the Aunduruna History, (Happens to be last night) I don't remember reading anything about them.

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T3rminal7/26/13 8:50pm
Randomly check your anduruna history? And here I thought I was the only one.

I tell anduruna history to some people...they say I have a great imagination.

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Shadow996117/27/13 11:57am
Yay for creepy spider things, giant pillars of unexplained ice, and big unintelligible natives eh? NOW the weird stuff starts.

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Esayo7/27/13 12:06pm
So much yay \o/

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Shadow996117/27/13 12:07pm
I feel a little bad for Enzii, because he seems to LIKE his quiet time to think... And he's really not getting any..

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Esayo7/27/13 12:09pm
xD Well, he'll manage somehow

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Shadow996117/28/13 7:16pm
Hey ren? I didn't think Jaiden's power was to materialize things, just to summon blades.

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RennacFaintheart7/29/13 5:12am
If you look back in the CotN RP, he had made chains before. He creates a variety of weapons and armaments though he cannot make complex devices like springers. If it's metallic and simple to make then Jaiden can do it. Do remember he worked as a blacksmith and made these weapons for either display pieces or as close quarters weapons for troops.

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Shadow996117/29/13 6:45am
Your power description is thus,

'Power: Bladecraft- Allows Jaiden to summon blades out of thin air. He normally makes these blades on the spot for a fight and discards them when he is finished. He can also summon daggers to launch at enemies and can even call forth a rain of swords to skewer those unfortunate enough to earn such measures. Can only use his Bladestorm to a max of 3 times a day'

You don't say anything about shields or chains.

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joeden7/29/13 5:42pm
Hey shadow just to say for Ollow, so he's not breaking physics laws. He had some genetic alternating so stronger bones stronger muscle material basic stuff that's not crazy, crazy overpowered but just so he's stronger then what the human body is capable of but not crazy stronger.

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Shadow996117/29/13 6:31pm
I just looked over your character sheet Joe, and I've decided that he's allowed a little extra damage resistance, but not a ton. We'll see how it pans out in the rp.

Ren? I'll let the shield slide for now. But I just want you to know this is the kinda thing I wanted to avoid with Jaiden's power. Just watch yourself on it okay?

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joeden7/29/13 6:41pm
Kk I'm not say to damage resist I'm just saying that he's tougher built because he made a hit that had the same force of a 2s7 pison

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Shadow996117/29/13 6:42pm
Yeah...I don't know how much that is.

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joeden7/29/13 6:53pm
The 2s7 pion is the largest gun in the world the most powerful piece of artillery in the world.

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