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Subscribe to this thread Beyond Starfall- OOC/Roster created by Shadow99611 on March 16, 2013

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joeden7/24/13 7:20pm
I take it both groups of Ollow and Jaiden are close to Renn and Athalos along with the rest of the group?

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Shadow996117/24/13 7:20pm
They're joined now.

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Esayo7/24/13 7:21pm
Meanwhile in the middle of goddamned-nowhereville-holyshititscoldistan, Shiloh, Soren, an Ahri-sicle, and Enzii await their heroes \o/
or a frosty demise.

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Shadow996117/24/13 7:26pm
I'm trying to keep up blargmuffin! People keep wanting me for things! I've got this RP to post on, then i think i'm all caught up!

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joeden7/24/13 8:12pm
Hey shadow when were they joined i don't remember reading anything indicating that they where?

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T3rminal7/24/13 8:19pm
He said that they would be joined up before he posted his timeskip.

It was to allow people to skip over long boring pieces and get some life back in these threads. But yeah, we are united.

Woah! Who's the big guy with the gun pointing at Roan?

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Shadow996117/24/13 9:17pm
You'll see ^^ he's a native.

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Roan7/25/13 10:45am

Shiloh + Big earthquake dude= Not a very good match.

Cause first, her defense instincts come in, which are turn, knock out and take his stuff, and then there's panic, say stupid things, and lose your head.

Yeah. She's not the kinda girl that's used to having random barrels pressed against her back.

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T3rminal7/25/13 12:15pm
that sounds like the best way to get things done.

Also, I had forgotten how much of an arse I had made Athalos. I must become one with his irritable attitude once more.

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joeden7/25/13 12:27pm
Hey term i thought it was still in the morning seeing as how Ollow packed up the tent and Jaiden said early riser.

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T3rminal7/25/13 12:42pm
According to the time's laid down by Shadow, it's close to nightfall. But I shall recheck.

Yes, the last time he gave was Twilight. The one before that was 17:23. That means night is coming, and it be coming quick.

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joeden7/25/13 1:10pm
Alright my mistake sorry.

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Shadow996117/25/13 7:32pm
ADVENTURE! This was probably the most plot filled post I've ever made!

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Roan7/25/13 10:41pm
Yay! Adventure time! :D

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joeden7/26/13 7:27am
I was wanting to ask is there yetis in the dreamworld or no? If there are, are they counted as keepers or as the legends depict them?

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