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Subscribe to this thread The I Admit Game Returns created by TruthQuest on March 11, 2013

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Animefan185/6/13 7:40am
I admit that I want the "you know you're addicted to dk when...." to appear on the forums

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Hakuzo5/6/13 9:11pm
I admit I started "You know you are addicted to DK when..." post on the old forum and that we need a new list.

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Animefan185/12/13 1:30am
I admit while listening to romance songs, I think of lilith and Evzen going steady

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Animefan188/14/13 7:57pm
I admit when I was looking at dk chsracters I was wondering where the eyebrows are, only to realise that there are no eyebrows

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MobileCrusader2/23/14 10:04pm
i admit that i found DreamKeepers because of e621.

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Salahir2/24/14 6:50am
Huh, you found it 'cause of glutamate? I'm confused. Sounds like an interesting story ^.^

I admit that my smartphone is a new bastion of DK stuff nowadays.

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 2:33pm
e621 is an image booru. Not quite as interesting a story as you would expect.

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DanWithTheHat2/28/14 7:09pm
I admit that I have DK wallpapers up all the devices I use. Even my work laptop isn't safe from DK art.

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ezioauditore973/1/14 8:59am
I admit every time I watch a horror movie now I wish the evil people had as many quirks as the villains in DK.(Wouldn't an alternate nightmare ending to the GNS be awesome?)Also I admit I am painting up Mace and Whip soon after my art hiatus since I am done with my Grey Knights squad( )and don't have to worry about them not playing nicely.(Grey Knight:For the Emperor I shall burn you Xeno!Mace:What?Aggh!)Although my Eldar battleforce is tempting me to paint it up so on second though Mace and Whip can wait in favor of more detailed plastic and resin goodness to really impress my fans at the local gaming club.Lastly I admit that I found my way to DK via Kiyo's DK animation and thought based on the thumbnail Mace was a dog or something.

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MobileCrusader3/1/14 9:03am
I admit that I changed my phone's wallpaper to Namah.

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WiseOwlReader3/1/14 2:03pm
I admit that I love Dreamkeepers so much that I imagine how scenes will play out in future volumes.

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MobileCrusader3/1/14 4:13pm
I admit I've not been as excited as I am for Vol 4 in a very long time.

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GodofVelcro3/1/14 8:45pm
I admit that the Dreamkeepers site has turned into my most visited webpage.

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MobileCrusader3/1/14 10:06pm
I admit that the various site pages are all of my hot links on Firefox, and all but two on chrome.

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WiseOwlReader3/13/14 2:20pm
I admit that I bounce Dreamkeeper fanfic ideas in my head. It's. So. Fantastic this series.

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