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Subscribe to this thread The I Admit Game Returns created by TruthQuest on March 11, 2013

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TruthQuest3/11/13 6:22pm
From the Old forum, we all would sometimes feel a need, a need to confess...
TO ANYTHING! Ok not just anything but anything Dreamkeepers related.

I'll start with something embarrassing;
I Admit...
I admit to mentally setting Bast up with a harem of girls, including Lilith, Namah, Vanth, the twins Kalei and Jenaviv, and (oh no, I did not!) !Wisp!

(hehehe) >:D

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p3nguin323/11/13 10:37pm
i admit to mentally pairing up mace and namah, then imagining all the mayham they would cause.

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CalvinCopyright3/14/13 7:02pm
Alright, since Truthquest did something raunchy...

I admit to imagining the scene where Whip watches Lilith take a bath. And what it would look like without that stream of bubbles obscuring her behind.

What hot-blooded male would NOT imagine that scene, once I give them the idea?


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Iggy3/15/13 7:13pm
I admit to the fact that I sometimes think of all of the characters from the comic as a cast from a generic 90's teen drama and see how they would deal with it.

It's incredibly entertaining to me for some reason.

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MartinSSFox3/20/13 3:20pm
I admit to wanting to see a rather amusing scenario involving Mace, Namah, and a broom handle.

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CalvinCopyright3/21/13 8:57am
@MartinSSFox: Huh? I don't get it. Is that a reference to a comedy or something?

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DarkAnge13/22/13 3:31pm
Not too sure, but he *might* be refering to this:
...At least I *HOPE* it's something like that 0_o

Oh, BTW, I was imagining *that* looong before now, I must admit.


Well whadiya know!

I admit that I've always had a thing for "Dat Heartshape" (or, as I like to call it, Lilith's "LuvButt")

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Kobalt953/22/13 4:16pm
"Lilith's LuvButt" LOL I like it! xD ... And I also like the name you made for it. *HurrHurr*

Alright, I admit to imagining a scenario where the Nightmares are civilized and have normal jobs while living in a plain, work-a-day society. O_O'

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MartinSSFox3/23/13 11:18am
@ CalvinCopyright: It's joke that I've seen in a number of places. It's not quite as funny as the comic DarkAnge gave; just picture Namah enraged at Mace with nothing but a broom as a weapon.

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CalvinCopyright3/25/13 7:33am
Oh gods, I just read through the entire archive of collectedcurios.

I haven't grinned this much since Namah's hot sauce scene in Prelude.

When do they update?

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p3nguin323/26/13 12:11pm
I admit to imagining Whip being voiced by Morgan Freeman

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AriaOutlander4/2/13 9:07am
I admit to believing Namah actually has a crush on whip.

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Gloves4/2/13 7:08pm
I admit to thinking that Vi and Bobby would be an adorbs couple.

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CalvinCopyright4/3/13 7:10pm
Who says they aren't? Oo

I'm not sure if I should be shipping this or not. I visualize a love dodecahedron coming... (TV Tropes FTW)

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Gloves4/6/13 12:32pm
It could end in a badass fight to the death between Vi and this mystery chick that would last about two minutes because Vi.

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