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Subscribe to this thread Is this a bad thing? created by Shadow99611 on March 10, 2013

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Shadow996113/10/13 6:21pm
I think I spend too much time on the forums and not enough time reading the novels. Every time I see Vi in the novels or prelude I instantly think of Twillight.. XP

Anyone else have the same problem?

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Twilight3/10/13 9:14pm
This is the best thing.

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Shadow996113/10/13 10:56pm
You've poisoned my mind! I will start calling you Vi, and Vi Twi! ARE YOU THE SAME?? MY MIND CANNOT COMPREHEND.

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Gloves3/11/13 12:15pm
I always automatically think Twi is secretly Vi in real life ... OMG THEY RHYME, THAT SETTLES IT.

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Thegunner183/11/13 1:37pm
And the 'w' in 'Twi' is like two v(i)'s joined together! Guys, we've got a match here! :P

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Twilight3/11/13 7:00pm
My life's goal is being fulfilled 8D

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ezioauditore973/11/13 7:17pm
Life coming full circle now?Congrats!

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Shadow996113/12/13 5:39am
I'm thinking of going through the prelude and changing every instance of Vi to Twillight now. That would be proper.

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Gloves3/12/13 8:52am
That would be the best thing ever.

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TruthQuest3/12/13 2:51pm
Congratulations Twi, You, are the New, Viriathus of Dreamkeepers.

Your Medal Of Honor(hands Twi shiny gold bauble on a multicolored strap of cloth),

Your DK/Human statue(hands Twi a 10-ft tall Gray/White Marble Statue of herself back to back with Vi),

Your Official Documentation from Vivid Pub.(hands Twi an official burnt insignia certificate Vivid Publishing Licence, signed by David and Liz Lilly),

and last but not least...

Your commemorative T-Shirt,


Showcasing YOU.

Again, Congrats.

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Twilight3/13/13 8:46pm
Mwahaha, I'll go grab my pillows. brb

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AriaOutlander4/2/13 9:10am

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ezioauditore974/2/13 2:14pm
Run for the hills!
Run for your life!

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MrAerospace4/10/13 4:19am
There's an emergency going on.
Twi/Vi containment fields have been breached.
Delusional ego has been overfed and reached critical mass.
All personnel evacuate the facilities immediately.

- Personally I think we're all smegged anyway. Might as well smoke a kipper if you have one.

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Asora8/19/14 8:02pm

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