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Subscribe to this thread Darkness Falls OOC created by DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor on March 5, 2013

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joeden5/21/13 4:40pm
Just wondering how should i jump in? should Jamie wonder into the house looking for the bounty and bump into people or what?

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T3rminal5/21/13 6:24pm
No clue. Shes gone MIA. Also, are we accepting new Members? Cause well... i think we all remember how the last two went.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor6/4/13 4:24pm
Ah yes.... they tend to go MIA.

I need insurance before anyone else joins.

Who is still around?

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Shadow996116/4/13 4:51pm
I am still around, my problem with posting readily is getting back into the mindset. Its been quite a few gaps. (Reed leaving was a big hit to the rp as well)

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T3rminal6/4/13 5:21pm
Indeed it was, a brutal blow.

But there are a few of us who yet survive. Me included.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor6/16/13 4:58pm
We are stuck. So.... what shall we do guys?

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Shadow996116/16/13 7:25pm
I'm not sure... We have only got a small roll here..

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T3rminal6/16/13 9:32pm
true true...This is indeed a sticky predicament. A pickle, as it were.

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Roan6/19/13 5:45pm
I am back! I had to make it through finals, get a new phone... blah blah blah.

I'll manage to get on whenever I can, but my summer shall be packed, as I got out of school today...

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor6/29/13 4:47pm
Welcome back Roan!

Good to see that you are still alive XD

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Roan6/29/13 8:21pm
Yeah. I'm alive for now.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor7/12/13 9:23pm
So guys... only 4 of us are left...

What shall we do?

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Shadow996117/12/13 10:11pm
I'm not sure, this RP has taken quite a few hits in its history...

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Roan7/13/13 3:43pm

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T3rminal7/13/13 3:52pm
indeed it has

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