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Subscribe to this thread Darkness Falls OOC created by DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor on March 5, 2013

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor5/6/13 5:00pm

Anyone else wants to post?

*Pokes everyone with a stick*

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Shadow996115/6/13 5:57pm
I think i was second to last for posting...

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor5/8/13 7:31pm
Where are the others....

In other news. This is what I have been doing on the 4th and 5th of may

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TA76385/10/13 10:08am
Im here, I thought I had already posted a reply but I guess it must not have sent. Anyways post coming shortly!

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Roan5/11/13 9:04am
Huzzah! Another clue discovered by Steamer.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor5/12/13 4:48pm
Thanks for posting guys.

Now... where are the others....

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joeden5/12/13 7:51pm
anyways this is my keeper any wheres he can fit in?
Name Jamie Hellsing. Age 26. Nicknames: Madcap the insane bounty hunter from hell, pyro and boom.
Colors: brown fur on the back and white fur on the front with red around the eyes and semi-long black hair on his head
scars: on his chest and one underlining his right eye, many going down his arms.
Clothing: usually wears long black jack, with flames coming up from the bottom, wears combat boots black jeans with a bullet proof vest with a strap that holds his pistols and he wears a black gloves he also wears a an assassin's cowl and he usually chews on a toothpick.
Described: Jamie, is somewhat on the nuts side and will always make a first impression you will not forget, he however despite his action, is kind and caring. Not when he's working though; he is a good friend to have and a great ally he will always pull through when he's needed, despite his quirks.
Weapons: carries two pistols always and will use a verity of different things, he mainly loves using his special designed springer that was made just for him.

Power: energy aura, which is black and covers him in the aura making him look like the grim reaper. the main abilities of his power; he can make golden lights which if he focuses hard enough become a product of his power, but it is really exhausting. But those orbs when made shadow are explosive and can do damage if he focuses he can make them a stable bomb which will only go off if he forces energy into it. He can make swords or a scythes with the energy cloak, or form the energy into a hardened shield protecting him from every blow; but a fist of love which he tested and it didn't work so well.
Skills: good with martial arts, well fit able to cook real well and can play most interments.

History: at the age of 9, he lost his parents to his brother who went insane and almost killed him. But leaving him with a scare under his eye, his brother was never caught, but left a confession at the scene written in blood and hasn't been seen since. Jamie ran out of the city without being caught, he hid under a tree crying until his cousin saved him. He had a memory problem, which kept him from remembering his cousin and his state of mind made him forget most of his memory, which he was able to quickly place back together but he couldn’t place his cousin.
So he no clue as to who she is. But when he had gotten out of his shock, he called his mentor an ugly old farttart and quickly received a fist of love that sent him through a wall nearly killing him. He received many fists of love over the years. Jamie spent years training as a bounty hunter and an assassin.
Jamie then joined the guild which was a league of bounty hunters and assassins, he pulled in his fair pay, mostly doing small jobs, Jamie had also gotten a history of protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves and refused to take bounties that some keepers had gotten, which they clearly didn’t deserve to have. He had also made a promise to protect an orphan edge but failed to do so. He killed off the bandits that tore it to shreds because they refused to pay protection money; Jamie managed to save a couple of the kids; but the one thing running through his head, was that he failed them, he made a promise and he couldn’t keep it.
He was on a job a few years later, to do something very simple until everything went wrong and he was ambushed by a crimelord’s goons dressed as shocks. The Crimelord who were interested in wiping out the guild, had his goons take Jamie to a building outside of the city were they tried to interrogate him at first… but it didn’t work so well and controlling him was very hard.
They lost three interrogators; so they chained him down to a table and began torturing him. Jamie was poisoned burned cut and beaten for a week. He was later rescued by the rest of the guild and before leaving the building, Jamie blew it sky high, before going back to the compound for treatment. The goons had also used chemicals to affect the mind, which had lasting effects on Jamie. He has to take meds to remove the chemicals in his body that the guild Doctor made with his power.
About a few years later, Jamie ran into his brother, who had used his power on a chip; which he put into the back of Jamie’s neck which he cannot remove because it would kill him. The chip has been causing constant pain, messed with his power and killed most of his emotions. Also messing up his actions which had effects on the people around him, it also accounted for memories being messed up.
But Jamie had found the place his brother was hiding and on a assault Jamie did with Alex, they managed to kill his brother and Jamie’s emotions and all other things are starting to return to normal, with this new chance he’s hoping to fix his mistakes and tries to build better relations with the people around him but the one thing he cares about is friends and any family he might have alive.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor5/18/13 3:46am
Looks good Joeden!

On other news. Other than the ones that have posted and shado who pops in and out.

Have the others been road kill somewhere or were sent to haven ahead of time?

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T3rminal5/18/13 8:32am
Not dead yet.

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Shadow996115/18/13 10:16am
Ack! It's my turn?

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor5/18/13 6:16pm
Shoot one up halo.

Lets hope the others follow suite.

Yo term. Whats up?

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T3rminal5/18/13 6:45pm
Life. I don't really have anything to say, but i'm sure with the help of my other 8 personalities, we can figure something out.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor5/20/13 4:35pm
Good to see that you are still alive term. How are things?

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T3rminal5/20/13 5:17pm
Could be better, could be worse.

I'm poor after paying for school, but thats not much of a change.

How are you doing?

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor5/21/13 4:34pm
Alive and kicking!

Though..... cant seem to find rifty.... any idea where she is?

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