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Subscribe to this thread Darkness Falls OOC created by DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor on March 5, 2013

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joeden9/11/13 5:25am
i`m not going anywhere's anytime soon.

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Roan9/11/13 7:25am
This shan't end, even if I'm far away, working on stressful collage things. But, I'll help Wreck keep it alive.

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T3rminal9/11/13 1:46pm
I've been here this long, why would I give up now? Im here till the end.

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T3rminal9/11/13 4:10pm
Sorry for the double post here, but joeden could you post more than 3 sentences? It's just a little peeve of mine.

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joeden9/11/13 10:02pm
Hope it's not a problem that I had taken Jamie out of the cell also if its not a problem I'd like what's on that paper to remain a secret if its not troubling.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor9/11/13 10:04pm
Please put him back in till I say he can leave the station or his cell.

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joeden9/11/13 10:08pm
Kk sorry didn't think it would be a problem sorry.

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joeden9/11/13 10:09pm
Done sorry about that.

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TA76389/15/13 7:37pm
So which person are we waiting on?

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Roan9/16/13 5:26pm
Me, most likely. I only got on once in a while, mainly cause there's a lot going on in RL. Pardon my absence, and lag with posts. I'll try to get on whenever possible.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor9/24/13 4:44pm
Nya? NYA!!

Who is alive?

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Shadow996119/24/13 5:16pm
Still here!

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joeden9/24/13 8:34pm

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TA76389/25/13 11:58am
Ah whoops I missed role call! 7638 reporting in, I'm still kicking!

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T3rminal9/25/13 1:01pm
You know I'm around.

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