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Subscribe to this thread Darkness Falls OOC created by DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor on March 5, 2013

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joeden9/8/13 7:39pm
See i told you so!! I know from experiance :/

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T3rminal9/8/13 7:48pm
Name: Cyprus Desvale Verillo

Age: 25

Species: Brown Wolf

Halo: Neon Green

Power: Surface Manipulation: Rock, Metal, sand or dirt, It doesn't matter what the surface is so long as it is not comprised of liquid. If it is solid then he can use it to his benefit. However, the stipulation is that he can only create perfect geometric shapes (Hexagon pillars, Circle shields, cones of spiky death, etc.) If he controls it for too long, it will start to crumble and he will be too exhausted to do much else but walk away, if he can manage that.

In times of great struggle, he can tap into his feelings. Mainly those of anger and rage and he can use that to fuel his power and go beyond his normal limits. At this point, the tan spiral on his arm will glow white, his power moves the ground quicker and his creations gain a bonus to their durability.

Appearance: Brown fur, with tan markings. right arm fur colors go up from hand in a spiral to elbow in a very light tan color. Around 5' 10" wears black cargo shorts, a black long sleeve button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a black and grey striped vest with a hood. lean build. Wears a necklace with a target symbol on it and a black cord bracelet. Has a silver ring with a turquoise stone set in its face.

Personality: He has a very laid back personality and mellow attitude, this means he almost always has smile or a grin on his face. Many think that this means he's always happy, while in all actuality he has a lot of anger and frustration that he hides, kept safe behind his mental walls and defenses. Few things can set him off on such a rage, one of them is being held in the air. Of the few things that he hold off limits to all, is his past. He tells the truth about anything, but the past is one thing he will never tell.

Overall, he's a good guy. He's loyal, kind, and trustworthy. If he can find a cause to get behind, he will do his best and follow it till he dies. As a side note, he is quite fond of fermentae, and enjoys all things destruction.

History: All that he will say, is that he creates explosives and used to work as a demo man for the city. When a building needed to be demolished, he had the tools to do it. He inevitably got fired due to a slight mix-up when he destroyed the house beside the one he was supposed to destroy.

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Shadow996119/8/13 7:55pm
I'm curious, I'm seeing like a buncha cross posting reference to Sov's op handler. Are y'all consorting via PM?

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Roan9/8/13 8:07pm
I am with Wreck, I dunno bout my Pecan-Bro though.

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T3rminal9/8/13 8:09pm
Nope. I got nothing. Now that my char is up, i must figure out how i'm gonna get a starting post in.

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Roan9/8/13 8:13pm
Pffff... He can run into Alois when she's on her way to pick up Sov if ya want. It'll give you something to do.

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T3rminal9/8/13 8:22pm
Woohoo! Plan made. I'll have that post up soon

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TA76389/8/13 8:32pm
Oh boy, so many people! Now things get interesting, and confusing at the same time, kind of like cheese.

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T3rminal9/8/13 8:38pm
there is nothing confusing about cheese. it is delicious.

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TA76389/8/13 8:53pm
No..its pretty confusing. I tried to study cheese one time after having some skooma (It's a Khajiit thing, don't judge) And it wouldn't answer any of my questions, I was thoroughly frustrated and ended up throwing it into my fireplace. That is why cheese is confusing.

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T3rminal9/8/13 8:56pm
Huh...crazy thing, this one time I was sitting around drinking some good ole Argonian bloodwine, when suddenly, my giant collection of keys started talking to me. So I dropped em in a river. Best idea ever.

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TA76389/8/13 8:59pm
Well i'm glad i'm not alone on having my personal belongings start talking to me! I was worried that is was because of the skooma or something, of course I knew that couldn't be the case!

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T3rminal9/8/13 9:01pm
Nothing ever goes wrong with skooma! I always have a bottle on me!

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor9/9/13 12:44am
Welcome back Roan!^^

Good to see that your still alive!

Well.. now all the old crew is here. Lets continue!

And hope this wont end in abother reboot ><

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TA76389/11/13 12:02am
I doubt it will end in another reboot, I'll keep it alive myself if I have to..maybe. And totally random, but I made my first forum topic! I feel so accomplished!

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