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Subscribe to this thread Character/Event Theme Songs created by Prometheus on February 26, 2013

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SuperTurbo49/26/14 1:18am
Battle for Anduruna:

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origamifan9/26/14 2:57am
here are some possible themes for the "shooting" between the city guards and the Troika/neon knives gang

these ones could fit the pursuit in the mountains

and this theme is for the dark dreamkeepers...honestly I don't know if the instrumental match but the lyrics do

here is a theme for scinter

aand I think that's all!

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SuperTurbo49/30/14 3:30am
What would suit Randy? No doubt a song whose theme is a very unpleasant person... though not on the same level as Ravat, Nabonidus, Tinsel, Wisp, and Void.

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origamifan9/30/14 3:00pm
hard to say, I have no idea right now.
fight with the big dreamkeeper foamed by namah in vol 3 (since he is in the giant poster, I guess we'll see him again)
some differents songs for Wisp(I only put the last one because I'm sure that's what is constantly playing in her head)
two possible songs for Tinsel(I'm still not cured)

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Prometheus10/1/14 10:46am
Well, after weeks of not thinking of any good themes, I remembered this one song from GTA IV: TBoGT that would be great for the Troika's nightclub.

A Place To Truly Party: (Boogie 2nite - Booty Luv (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix))

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BryanDimmsdale10/5/14 8:38am
Time for some emotional songs. I believe you guys never heard of this artist:

Namah's heartbreaking inside her tower room (while raining): Let it Rain by Julianne

Lilith's in deep love (for the first time): Julianne - Grateful

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origamifan10/5/14 1:46pm
the city guards preparing for battle
lord void attack

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BryanDimmsdale10/16/14 8:10am
Paige's Theme:
Under Night In-Birth OST: Snow Sisters(Vatista's Theme)

Vox's Theme: Under Night In-Birth OST: Bad Surface(Carmine's Theme)

Vi's Theme:
Under Night In-Birth OST: Moving Like A Blossoming Lily♪(Yuzuriha's Theme)

Bast's Theme:
Under Night In-Birth OST: Monochrome Memory(Seth's Theme)

Agitation Signs (from the title itself): Under Night In-Birth OST: Agitation Signs(Beginning 1)

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Prometheus10/22/14 1:26pm
Here's another song for Scinter. (Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes)

And, here's a possible outro theme for DreamKeepers. (Dream On - Aerosmith)

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origamifan10/22/14 2:38pm
I'm still searching themes for randy(by the way, I apologize if I seemed a bit rude 6 posts ago), but I still haven't found any that could match him(Perhaps Ich Will, but I already posted a link).
But here is a theme that could match his speech in vol 3
and a few other
escape from bralgu
Ravat confessing Mace he murdered Paige(or any kind of revelation)

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SuperTurbo411/16/14 3:58pm
I think I have a song for the core heroes:

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Prometheus11/23/14 12:52pm
Here are some victory themes for a DK video game, centered around doing missions for the various factions within the story.

City Guard Mission Complete: (Mission Success - G-Police)

Troika Mission Complete: (Freedom Fighter Free-For-All - Mercenaries 2: World In Flames)

Nabonidus' Cult/Dark Dreamkeepers Mission Complete: (Reapers Theme - Just Cause 2)

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origamifan11/23/14 2:39pm
discovery of the archives

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Prometheus11/29/14 10:45pm
I just stumbled across the theme song to the X-Men animated series from the 90's. It would make one badass theme song for an intro to a DK animated series if the intro follows a similar format to the X-Men intro. The theme to X-Men Evolution would also be great for an intro IMO.

DreamKeepers: (Opening Theme - X-Men) (Opening Theme - X-Men Evolution)

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SuperTurbo412/5/14 6:08am
Another song for the main characters: (Unbreakable- Stratovarius)

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