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Mutations20002/25/13 9:37pm
This is also a continuation of a thread from the old forum.

On the night of September 25, 2010, I had a strange dream. I don't exactly know how it started, but it was like a combination of Harry Potter, Dreamkeepers, and Darkseed. I'm not making any of this up. This is an actual dream that I actually dreamt.

From what I remember of the beginning, a series of mysterious deaths had occurred in Anduruna. The Viscount was the most notable victim. All of the victims had had their eyes burned from their skulls shortly before they died. I had received a message from Igrath and Scinter, telling me to meet them in a cave at the base of the Starfall Mountains.

Now for the part I remember clearly. The cave was almost like an entirely new world. There were grassy hills below the cave ceiling, and luminous fungus grew above me. It almost seemed like a world of eternal night. I remember sliding down a particularly steep hill into a small valley. Igrath, Scinter, and Grunn were waiting for me there.

Igrath was carrying a large briefcase, which was shaking violently and making bizarre screeching noises. I asked what was in the case, and he told me that it was a large and incredibly venomous spider (which he had named Aragog). This (as far as I can remember) was never mentioned again.

Scinter then directed my attention to a large pool of water several feet away. He said he had somehow tracked the murderer to that pool. He claimed that it was an "Acrobask", a massive nightmare that looked like a combination between a spider and a snake, which could kill anything by merely looking at it. He told me that its deadly gaze could be rendered useless by wearing mirrored sunglasses, which he gave to me.

Mace, Whip, Lilith, Namah, and Bast arrived at this point, and he gave each of them a pair of mirrored sunglasses as well.

He then told us about a new type of mushroom that he had managed to create by combining flo-wood and the glowing fungus on the cave ceiling. These mushrooms grew incredibly quickly. Any spores that they released would grow into massive red mushrooms in minutes. The caps of the mushrooms could also be broken off and fused together, creating a larger cap. If force was applied to the caps of the mushrooms, the mushrooms' caps would harden instantly, deflecting almost any attacks. He spread some of the spores on the ground, and gave each of us two mushroom caps, which he told us to combine to make shields.

He then pointed out a rocky cliff just behind the pool of water. He told me to climb to the top of it, then attack the Acrobask from behind when it rose from the water.

I don't remember what happened to Grunn at this point, but I have no memory of him being present after this.

I began to climb the cliff. Just as I reached the top, the water below began to bubble and churn violently. I got to my feet and looked down. A massive creature was rising from the water. Tinsel was riding on its head. I raised my shield instinctively. The Acrobask roared.

I made a sort of slashing motion with my free hand, and several deep gashes appeared on Tinel's back. She fell from the Acrobask's head and into the water. Apparently, I had successfully killed her.

Then the Acrobask turned around and attacked. I pulled a small pistol out of a holster on my belt and fired at the Acrobask. A volley of needles shot from the barrel. Most of them bounced harmlessly off the Acrobask's scales, but three of them implanted themselves into its left eye. The creature reared back in pain. It lunged at me, but a purple bolt of energy hit it in the back of the head. It turned around and attacked Namah.

I continued making slashing motions with my free hand while the creature attacked the others. The Acrobask wasn't as easy to kill as Tinsel was. Although I was doing considerable damage to it, that just seemed to make it angrier.

I heard a scream, from below. I made a pushing motion in the direction of the Acrobask. A huge wound appeared in the creature's back, almost as if it had been impaled by an invisible spike. The creature fell back into the water, dead. I climbed back down from the cliff to see if everyone was alright.

Lilith was kneeling on the ground, crying. Namah had been crushed to death by the Acrobask. I dropped my shield and ran to her side. I noticed that my shield had released several spores onto my clothes as I dropped it. The mushrooms were still quite small, but I noticed that one of them was different from the others. It was bright purple. I plucked it from my clothes and gave it to Lilith. By this time, I was in tears too.

Before either of us could say anything, there was a blinding flash of red light, and I was knocked unconscious. I awoke standing with Igrath and Scinter in what seemed to be a large maze. The walls were made of black stone, and we were standing knee deep in what appeared to be lava (although it didn't burn us). Also, I'm pretty sure Igrath and Scinter were dressed as the Heavy and Sniper from TF2.

We walked through the maze until we noticed a something that appeared to be an elevator directly ahead. I entered the elevator. Before Igrath and Scinter could react, the elevator shot upwards into what seemed to be a dark underwater cave. The elevator was small and cramped. A single window dominated most of the back wall, and a tiny screen was directly next to the window. The screen showed a green line with a yellow dot on it.

The elevator began to race down the cave, and the dot moved along the line. A face highly reminiscent of H.R. Giger's "Li" appeared in the window. It said something about being the creator of the bleak world I had now entered, and that I was unwelcome in the land of the dead. It said that it would undo my very existence. Then everything went dark.

Suddenly, there was a brief flash of light, and all I could hear was my own screaming and a strange roaring sound. Everything was shuddering violently. The small screen had cracked and started bleeding profusely, and the window was completely black. It was probably the suddenness of this that jarred me awake. It was a few moments before I realized that the all consuming blackness around me was actually just my bedroom in the middle of the night.

Then there were two more. First of all, there was one that I don't really remember all that clearly. It involved me desperately searching for Namah in a dark and run down version of the suburbs of Kettering. I saw her a couple of times, but she always ran away before I could catch her. I dreamt this dream the night directly following the night I dreamt the dream in my original post.

Then I had another dream a few nights later. It kind of seems like it gives some explanation for the previous dream, but it makes no sense whatsoever. The thing is like a bad fanfic. It's almost painful to read, it's so awful. Like the one in the original post, it contains elements from almost everywhere. It was like a combination of Dreamkeepers, Halo, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and Half-Life. This dream, however, is complete nonsense. In this dream, both Viscount Calah and Tinsel had died. Apparently, I was an orphan in my dream. Lilith, Namah, Mace, Whip, and I ended up living in Grunn's "orphanage" for about a month (which I don't remember at all).

Then, one day, a man and a woman came to the orphanage claiming to be my biological parents. They wanted to adopt me, but I refused to leave unless they also adopted Mace, Whip, Lilith, and Namah. They did, and so the five of us went to our new home. We lived there for about a week. Then things started getting crazy.

It was Thursday. Lilith decided to take everyone (excluding my parents) to a chocolate factory. I wasn't feeling well, so I decided to stay home. I quite clearly remember watching a groundcar pulled by a Kerrick driving off into the distance. While they were gone, I just sat around playing video games.

Then I got a message on my data-scroll (I have no idea how I got it, but I definitely had a data-scroll). It was from Namah. She told me they had been taken hostage by Willy Wonka in a research facility just outside of the city. I somehow managed to locate and break into the research facility.

The inside of the research facility was completely white, and the main building was made up of only one room. The room was massive. The lights in the room were abnormally bright, and there were large holes in the walls, floor, and ceiling. These holes appeared to be the entrances to a network of tunnels that connected multiple buildings to the main building. I saw a man working on a data-scroll at the far end of the room.

I asked him if he had seen my friends. He said he had, and that they had gone into the tunnel in the floor with a strange man in a top hat and hand-made body armor. He said that the tunnel was infested with zombies, and I said something about Willy Wonka having an obsession with creepy tunnels.

Then I went into the tunnel and defeated Willy Wonka. I don't remember how. The next day, something happened that really upset Namah. I don't remember what it was, but she ended up running away.

My parents were also planning on moving to a new house. They had everything packed, and were preparing to leave, even though Namah was missing. I told them I was going to look for her, and my father told me to forget about Namah and come with them.

This is the part I remember the most about this dream. I turned to my father and said something I will probably never forget. "If you honestly think I'm going to come with you, you must be out of your mind. Even if we're not actually related, she's like a sister to me. If you don't care about her, that's fine by me, but I care about her. Go ahead, leave, but I'm not coming. I'm going to look for my sister, and if you try to stop me, I will kill you."

Then I left the house. I spent the entire day searching for Namah. Eventually, I found what appeared to be a Banshee from Halo, but with a wooden outer shell rather than a metal one. I knew it belonged to Namah, because it had her face carved into the front. I heard a sound behind me, and looked around. Namah was climbing over a fence directly behind me.

At this point, I was more terrified than I have ever been in my life. The expression on Namah's face was just plain scary. She was absolutely furious. She ran towards me and began punching me in the face. I was missing several teeth and my nose was bleeding by the time I finally lost consciousness.

When I regained consciousness, both Namah and the strange vehicle were gone. Then I woke up.

Then I had another that's worth mentioning. It was even more vivid than the first one. Again, it's kinda' like a bad fanfic. Overpowered powers and weird Avatar-ish ness abound (both the movie and the show, strangely enough).

To explain it properly, I'd have to post my old rough design for my DK. It's been changed quite a bit, and several of the weird symbols have been moved or removed. The only one of any real significance was a chaos symbol on his forehead, which was basically there as a symbol of how I felt at the time (like I was losing my goddamn mind, or more accurately, like my mind was literally trying to tear itself apart). The symbol isn't there anymore, as you can see in my avatar, and I'm a little more... Mentally stable now, so the symbolism is kinda' pointless now. But, for the sake of this dream, we'll say some of the symbols are still there, but not in the same place.

As I said, this may start sounding like a mediocre fanfic near the end, but I swear this was all in my dream.

The dream started out with me (as my dreamkeeper), sitting in fairly a small tent, playing games on what was definitely a data scroll. After a while, Vi entered the tent. She told me that a friend of mine had come to visit me. I told her to let him in.

I don't know how, considering the fact that he was an anthropomorphic unicorn, but I immediately recognized him as Peter, an Asian friend of mine. He told me that we had to leave as soon as possible, so I got up and followed him. He led me through Anduruna until we reached what was clearly the base of Sabbaton Tower. He told me that another of our friends was being held hostage somewhere in the upper levels of the tower. I honestly have no idea who. He never mentioned any names, and you'll soon see why we never got to find out.

I don't exactly remember how we managed it, but we eventually reached the third-highest floor of the tower. There, we were stopped by an old, scruffy looking janitor with a mop. He said he wanted to talk to me. He took me into his broom closet and told me a bunch of stuff I can barely remember. It had something to do with a very powerful dreamkeeper that lived a long time ago who could steal powers from other dreamkeepers. Apparently, he had somehow put some sort of curse on all his descendants that caused them to have a direct mental link with their human counterpart. It was kind of weird, and I don't know exactly how to explain it, but he said something about both minds only being able to inhabit one body at a time, so when the human sleeps, their dreamkeeper is awake, and vice versa. Apparently, this drove them insane, and he said that my markings were of some great significance. Then there was a noise from the floor above, and he told me to leave.

When I left the broom closet, Peter asked me what the man had said, but I didn't understand any of it well enough to explain it (kind of like right now). We walked down several long corridors for what seemed like hours. We got hopelessly lost, and continued to wander around. Eventually, we managed to find our way to a staircase. We would have used it to get to the next floor, but then we noticed someone coming down the stairs.

It was Tinsel, and she wasn't alone. Three guards and some big muscular guy who looked completely insane were following her. Seriously, this guy was totally ripped, and he was squirming, at twitching, and just freaking out in general. Peter and I immediately ran through the nearest doorway, which just happened to lead to a bathroom. Peter and I waited by the door until we heard them pass. Then we made the mistake of opening the door.

From this point on, everything was a blur. As soon as we opened the door, we were greeted by a massive fist, which hit us with enough force to embed us in the opposite wall. The big crazy looking guy was standing in the doorway. The first thing I noticed were the markings on his fur. They were identical to mine. Then I realized that Peter was screaming, not in terror, but in pain. I looked over just in time to see him literally melt into a puddle of flesh colored goo. Then the crazy guy started talking to me.

"Stole that one from one of those 'Extollo' bastards back during the Last War of the Powers" he said. His voice was all raspy. It sounded like he smoked twenty cigarettes an hour. It was terrifying.
"O' course," he continued "that's just what he gets fer' tryin' ta' kill me." He cracked his knuckles menacingly, and then everything went black. Then I woke up.

So, those are all my weird, Dreamkeepers related dreams. Tl;dr? I have some messed up dreams, and all of them are like bad DK fanfic.

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CalvinCopyright2/26/13 5:45am
Heh. Nice.

A while ago, I had a Dreamkeepers dream myself. The only part of it I really remember is, I was reading Volume 3 (it wasn't out yet :3 ), the kids were trying to get up a cliff with luggage, and I flew down into the book to help them. >_< Wonky? Yes. Silly? Yes. Dreamkeepery? Of course.

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Asora7/4/14 12:29pm
That is just, crazy dude. I had some crazy dreams myself, but I barely even remember any of them. Cool dreams though.

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MobileCrusader7/6/14 6:15pm
I have some whack ass dreams myself, but never a dreamkeepers one.

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CalicoYorki7/26/14 6:29pm
I once had a power fantasy-dream, in which I gained incredible super powers to fend off the zombie hordes around my house. They included telekinesis which could grind zombies into a bloody paste, and the ability to turn animals into giant, zombification-immune guardian beasts. That was a really good dream.

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DanWithTheHat7/26/14 8:52pm
Its not DK related but when I was kid, I had dream that I had super jumping and running abilities and I was running away from some agents with guns (Probably because I just saw the first Matrix movie). At some point in the dream, I ended up getting cornered at the edge of a roof top and I jumped off the side of the building to escape. Right at that point I woke up in a crouched position in the middle of my bedroom. I guess as I jumped off the building in my dream, I ended up jumping off my bunk bed and landed on perfectly on my feet. Of course this woke up my brother in the lower bed who groggily said, "What the hell Dan!?!?" I responded, "uhh...umm...I don't know!" Needless to say, I ended up getting the lower bunk bed for the rest of my childhood.

That was probably the coolest dream I ever had though.

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GodofVelcro7/26/14 10:33pm
Now I wish I had a bunk bed to jump off of in my sleep.

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WiseOwlReader2/20/15 12:11pm
I recall a dream where I was working for a government agency or something similar to a free-lance mercenary. I was also smoking a cigarette.

I hate smoking. Bleh.

Then I woke up and remembered I don't smoke and was relived. Had a mug of tea that morning I think.

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Kirito2/20/15 12:43pm
Most of my dreams regarding DK is me literally talking to people on these forums XD

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TFeathersB2/20/15 2:07pm
I have lots of crazy, strange and just cool dreams. Almost too meany to try and write here :P

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Sladerin2/20/15 2:48pm
I wish i could remember dreams, I haven't had one in a long while.

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TFeathersB2/20/15 2:53pm
I usually dream the best if I wake up and then go back to sleep for a hour or two. You probably are dreaming, you just wake up too late to remember them.

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Sladerin2/20/15 2:58pm
I'll try that next time, however me not remembering dreams is still better than my friend, who only has nightmares.

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TFeathersB2/20/15 3:05pm
That's not a good thing. I hope he's okay.

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Kirito2/20/15 3:06pm
Keeping a dream journal really helps you remember dream =3

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