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Subscribe to this thread Children of the Night - OOC created by Gloves on February 25, 2013

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Gloves5/27/14 1:41pm
Hear it even!

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joeden5/27/14 1:41pm
i agree with gloves i was doing double on cotn i'm in six or 7 rps on skype and i'm GMing SOC and was doing nexus.

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 1:56pm
Oh bother you guys are no fun to mess with...

A few ideas came to my mind, one was probably a shit one given the circumstances we have to work with, but the idea was more like an open world thing. Basically, I'll give you a world and roles to pick from and a villain that exists, choose your own path. The big bad guy is several cities and villages away and a little band of adventurers would make a trek to gather support for a fight against "Big-Baddie-Guy." So most of the RP would be the journey, dealing wit bandits and hooligans, as well as hostile environments. All of which one could handle at their own pace and not at all if you walk around it.

Still though, given the small groups we got here, I highly doubt that could be real good without basically turning it into a D&D campaign.

The second idea, and this was more flushed out mind you, was to basically make Null #2, completely different from the first one, but have it be the only known city. This one is basically the opposite of Null, a lush forested haven in a rather barbaric world, then the bits from CotN come in and the "Players" would be a bit of a faction, not exactly a street gang. And quiet a bit of events would happen to the city, most of which I won't tell till they happen. Otherwise it's mostly about the misfits managing their days, much like in CotN.

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 1:57pm
Now mind you, those two are the ones that I didn't flush out too much in their own right as RP here needs to be very unstructured so the "players" can do what they want.

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Gloves5/27/14 3:03pm
Huh, either of those sounds kinda neat.

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Thegunner185/27/14 3:16pm
Personally? I'm up for anything. The stuff you just outlined sounds good to me, though!

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joeden5/27/14 3:17pm

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 7:41pm
If you like 'em you like 'em, if you don't you don't, no bother to me.

I do have another very structured idea, but it's more... violent? Dark? I don't know the word for it, but it isn't like the other two ideas, this one has a bit of a grim after-tone.

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Gloves5/27/14 7:52pm
Oh yeah? Any elaboration on there? I mean, look at Iolyth, we're cool with grim tones

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joeden5/27/14 10:25pm
I don't mind either and would love to see what you got cooking.

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RennacFaintheart5/28/14 1:17pm
Perhaps have the faction be a 'guild' or something. Have it start out light hearted while everyone gets in to get the ball rolling. Maybe do a few jobs before we get a big bounty mission. Can get more or less complex from there.

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Gloves5/28/14 1:25pm
I'd actually be like super up for a non - DK based one, if we know somewhere we could do it--I've got a character I've been wanting to play, and I bet we could do that first one pretty well with like, a more fantasy type setting.

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Thegunner185/28/14 1:49pm
If we did something that wasn't DK-based then would it still be anthro characters? Actually, I guess it wouldn't really matter. Fantasy worlds like Tyria in Guild Wars have humans, anthros (Charr) as well as a whole manner of other whacky species. More freedom on potential characters is always nice!

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Gloves5/28/14 2:19pm
We could definitely do like just a free-character-creation kind of thing

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MrPhoenix5/28/14 6:06pm
Do you really want to hear the idea?

Anyway, if you want to do something non-DK related, find me, I have a shit ton of ideas that are actually good, because I wasn't limited to the rules of the DK universe.

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