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Subscribe to this thread Children of the Night - OOC created by Gloves on February 25, 2013

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Esayo5/27/14 1:12pm
Pfff hell yeah man Zealot was awesome.

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Gloves5/27/14 1:14pm
Phoe we're just a symbiote. Or two headed creature. One of those things.

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Esayo5/27/14 1:15pm
Our names are actually the same word backwards.
If you don't like...think about it.

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joeden5/27/14 1:16pm
Well loyth is fun and i liked to join in if still welcomed. Also had a lot of time to RP on skype so i'm a lot better now then when we last rp'd

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 1:21pm
Call it what you will. I'd given up on this site and such; I didn't know that you two kept this shit going over the years.

Actually... what the Hell Esayo, I told you to get me if this stuff picked back up. I don't remember getting a notice you ass.

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Esayo5/27/14 1:23pm
'Ey I told ya Steam was fucked up for me you womp >:U

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 1:24pm
Oh yeah... you did kinda say that... way after the fact mind you, but still.

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Esayo5/27/14 1:25pm
Well, alerted now aren't ya? \o/

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 1:28pm
Two years too late mind you... but it's the thought that counts.

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Esayo5/27/14 1:31pm

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 1:34pm
Anyway, I'm slightly disappointed that my ideas won't come to fruition, but you win some and you lose some, it's the game of life.

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Esayo5/27/14 1:35pm
Hey man no one said you couldn't have ideas, whatcha thinkin?

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Gloves5/27/14 1:36pm
We can always do more than one thing--most of us were doubling up on Iolyth and COTN

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 1:40pm
Oh! Oh wow! Oh now your mocking me! I hate all of you and this time I mean it!

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Esayo5/27/14 1:40pm
Oh c'mon Phoe xD We're genuine, let's here it!

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