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Subscribe to this thread Children of the Night - OOC created by Gloves on February 25, 2013

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 12:37pm
I forgot all of you are "furries." Oh the awkward conversation when you lot had to explain that to me... good memories.

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Thegunner185/27/14 12:38pm
I also keep forgetting that you aren't one :p

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Esayo5/27/14 12:39pm
Who are you people even?

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joeden5/27/14 12:40pm
Nice to see everyone is still kicking

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 12:44pm
Quick question here Gloves/Esayo, how did you two log into the forums about this time. I thought you abandoned ship.

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Gloves5/27/14 12:54pm
Esayo still kinda jumps on errynow and then, and he let me know what was up

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Thegunner185/27/14 12:58pm
So would you both be up for some RPing at some point in the near future? Nothing set in stone just yet though.

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 12:59pm
I didn't know that bit.

Although I remember that you and Esayo text each other on a certain basis.

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Gloves5/27/14 1:00pm
I would be, but not with Aft--I like the end I gave her

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 1:02pm
I've been given some thought to this. Of course I figured to ask the lot of you about which would happen.

Certain RPs could just be picked up again, like Iolyth or CotN. Similarly another could be made and I have a few ideas. Then the last idea would be to just do something entirely new. To explain, not-DK-universe sort of deal.

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Esayo5/27/14 1:05pm
Hmmm, I mean, I'd be okay for another RP on the forum, but it /is/ a DK forum after all, kinda hard to change the subject matter of the RP xD What did you have in mind?

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 1:06pm
I never said it had to be on the DK site, I couldn't tell you where but it wouldn't be too hard to find a new place to BS out a story or two.

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Esayo5/27/14 1:09pm
That doesn't sound half bad, though as well, Gloves and I have been sort of working on a thing. We're gonna revamp the Iolyth, like, with a better set up system and what not. Were planning on waiting but we've made a good deal of progress and could be ready pretty soonish if you that appeals.

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 1:12pm
"Me and Gloves, me and Gloves, me and Gloves" Are you sure you two aren't dating?

Well... far-be-it from me to say your work is void. We'll see what you got should it come.

Dibs on keeping The Zealot though... he is fun as fuck to play.

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Gloves5/27/14 1:12pm
We're planning on going more in depth about how Null works and what not, do some guides and slight plot changes. :) We were gonna try and track some of you lot down for it, but hey, handy!

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