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Subscribe to this thread Children of the Night - OOC created by Gloves on February 25, 2013

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Thegunner185/26/14 3:36pm
How things have changed...but the sands of time are strange and unpredictable. Maybe someday we'll all have the pleasure of being back together, painting vivid images with our words again.

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joeden5/26/14 4:05pm
Hey gunner thought you died

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Thegunner185/27/14 8:26am
Nope, just moved on. These were good times, though. Kinda miss them.

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RennacFaintheart5/27/14 11:56am
Agreed. Also FYI, not dead. Just almost buried in paperwork concerning college.

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Esayo5/27/14 12:00pm
Hey Gunner, great to hear from you again, hope everything is going well for you and everyone else too \o/

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 12:28pm
You buggers, I spent all this time trying to gather up the folks for a reunion and you beat me back to the forums!

I hate all of you.

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Esayo5/27/14 12:29pm
XD good to see you too, Phoe.

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Gloves5/27/14 12:30pm
Just did it to spite you. Neener neener.

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 12:30pm
*Flips off every last one of you*

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Esayo5/27/14 12:31pm
How you been man?

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Gloves5/27/14 12:32pm
Awww we love you too! <3

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MrPhoenix5/27/14 12:33pm
Busy as Hell mostly. What about you two.

I've stayed in contact with Gunner, Ren, and Aria, but you two quit talking on Steam. Hell Gloves, you quit Steam altogether.

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Esayo5/27/14 12:35pm
Yeah Steam started giving me issues and shit with my comp xD But glad to see you're still around.

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Thegunner185/27/14 12:35pm
Well, this is pleasantly surprising! Hello again :3 I also spoke to Aria today and she said she'd be up for getting into another RP or something.

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Gloves5/27/14 12:36pm
Yeeaah, just kinda dropped off it. Doing good, job's going well and stuff, fursuiting at the con this summer

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