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Subscribe to this thread Children of the Night - OOC created by Gloves on February 25, 2013

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CalicoYorki9/16/13 7:02pm
I'll begin re-working now.

I'll edit a response when done.

EDIT: Edits made. I'll move the sheet to this post later.

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AriaOutlander9/17/13 12:44pm
Another bit i thought up-- What if you could make new joints? I know that probably doesn't fit for this keeper-- maybe for another, but.. food for thought.

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Roan10/23/13 9:33pm





Wow. I didn't miss much, did I?

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joeden11/8/13 9:34pm
Welcome back XD

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Gloves11/8/13 9:40pm
Okay, me and Esayo just made what I'm pretty sure are going to be our last posts on here.

It's been a good run, but I can't keep up with CotN anymore, at least not to the quality that you guys deserve. I'll still be around, and on my dA if any of you need to contact me, but Aften and Mal won't be back in the RP.

I'm not ending it, by any means, for any of you who want it to keep going--anybody who wants to claim "leadership" or whatever title you'd like for running it, feel free to sort that out amongst yourselves.

We both love you guys, and we'll prolly still be about the boards every now and then. <3

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Esayo11/8/13 9:44pm
As well, I'm not done on the site, just got too much going on with first semester college-y stuffs to sit down and really commit to stuff of this size right now. I'll be around, and should be back in action come winter onward, if things go as planned.

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ezioauditore9711/8/13 9:46pm
See you later Gloves and Esayo!

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Shadow9961111/9/13 12:59am
Sad to see you guys go! But i understand being a little overworked. Anywho, have a good time! Hope to see you guys around!

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ezioauditore9711/9/13 9:57am
I'm just glad to see a nice happy ending for two OC's I kind of like.

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joeden11/9/13 10:13am
Sad to see you guys go just lost two important members

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RennacFaintheart11/11/13 12:39pm
Ya, they were kinda the life of the party here. I'll do what I can to keep it interesting, though I think we will have a hard time replacing Esayo and Gloves. All we can do is try.

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Shadow9961111/11/13 9:13pm
I think of all the rp's that are most affected by this, this one is perhaps the best off. From participation and general observation, this rp was very sandboxy and player driven, and we can play off Mal and Aften as a major plot point that might let us get a feel for how this rp should proceed. But i won't deny it will be tough, they did have a very heavy leadership role in this.

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Roan11/18/13 2:59pm
Oh god. DX
I never wanted to see you guys leave.
But, nevertheless, you guys shall be completely missed, forever and always. We seriously hope you guys could/will come back again soon. Other then that, you guys will be missed completely. Donny forget it either!

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JoMei11/18/13 9:36pm
Sorry to see you leave Gloves, but I wish you luck with whatever you're doing. And I look forward to seeing you and Esayo around the site from time to time. As for myself I would like to apologize for my own extended silence but there's just been a lot of stuff happening.

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AriaOutlander3/13/14 11:33pm
Farewell, Aften and Mal.
Reading that brought a tear to my eye.

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