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Subscribe to this thread Children of the Night - OOC created by Gloves on February 25, 2013

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T3rminal9/12/13 7:55pm
There has always been errors with blizzard at launch. It's that way with practically every game. Giant distribution is going to test a game more so than any beta will. It's been quite a while since launch and the error counts have decreased to a minimal, slightly improbable, amount.

And I'm sure you only got D3 for free because you bought a year long subscription to WoW. It was a good ole bitch slap in the face to many hardcore Diablo fans because well...WoW sucks. Diablo and WoW have a nice strong hate-hate relationship. We hate WoW because it is too easy and you can do anything and everything with practically no limit as well as the ability to purchase a lot of stuff. With Diablo, you can't just go and buy all the end game armors.

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RennacFaintheart9/12/13 8:03pm
mhm, not a big fan of WoW. Dont like Diablo 3 either, I dont like the DRM they implemented. Why do I need to sign into a server just to play a single player campaign? Theres no need.

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joeden9/12/13 9:10pm
it's not there anymore there's no more problems from the game

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RennacFaintheart9/13/13 5:19am
*blinks* EA actually did something right? That is still pretty surprising. Still, not gonna support a company that still supports such ridiculous policies that harm the consumer. Gonna suck with them having the lucas arts copyrights, but I'll cope.

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joeden9/13/13 6:30am
Ea dosen't support Diablo that's activison

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RennacFaintheart9/13/13 7:17am
EA is still one of the publishers and still gets a cut from sales. I just want to help send the message that EA cant just rip us off and jerk us around, ya know?

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AriaOutlander9/13/13 9:51pm
hello guys! I'm moderately back after a long hiatus. I see the story hasn't really gone to far, eheh. I feel responsible for that. But anyways! I feel really good. I did a thing I could only imagine Aria doing, with her bladed tail! my legs burn a bit, but that's good. What I did:
I jumped up and grabbed and overhanging ledge with two hands, swung my legs up, hung there for a bit (I was talking to one of my friends while I was doing all this) and then pulled myself up and then over the railing. that may not seem like a lot, but it really, definitely is, especially when you need to jump up to get the ledge.

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Shadow996119/14/13 12:14pm
Hey! You're back! Yeah.. We haven't progressed real far yet..

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CalicoYorki9/14/13 5:31pm
I have a problem.

I have become disenchanted with Ataraxi, my one-post wonder.

I have a character that has been kick-kick-kicking around in my head for a while.

Let us do this thing.

~ ~ ~

Name: Pepper Doolittle
Power: Biological self-adjustment
/Halo: A deep, deep magenta with a maroon outline

Pepper's Power enables her to reformat her body's structure, composition, and processes down to a very precise level - she can turn her bones into weapons, migrate bone plates to the surface of her skin, reorganize her organs whilst creating dummy organs (effectively just tissue made to imitate the form, with none of the function), bolster her own muscles, and even control her body's biochemistry; i.e., hormones and pheromones. She typically uses pheromones to influence how open someone is to a suggestion, in order do such things as sucker people into giving her spare change, etc.

However, she cannot make her body do something silly like breathe fire. That's just silly. As well, her Power comes with a cost: the pain for "reformatting" is something that would cripple her, were she not something of a sado-masochist; even so, successive restructuring makes each change weaker, and causes exponentially greater pain, until it simply hurts too much to continue. Something at the order of simply growing bone, sinew, etc. protuberances out into spikes, blades, and blunt weapons is bloody and painful, but relatively simple to accomplish; something which completely restructures her whole body -must- only be done in a situation where it will surely bring a swift victory, because the changes will rapidly decompose, leaving Pepper incapacitated. She -does- have a limited capacity to regenerate, but this requires a safe setting, and a long period of time with no stress or pronounced need for physical appeasements. If she tries to speed up the process, she'll rapidly shave off her vitality for several days - leaving her in what is typically a worse-off state - after a brief instance of rejuvenation.

* Note: Pepper uses her Power on her beliefs in "high risk, high return," and she's no stranger to serious injuries. Without someone dependable to watch her back, she is liable to get into a fight where her Power will basically go supernova - shine brilliantly for a brief time, before fading out and taking her life with it. It's arisen from a fascinated desire to "design an ideal body for killing threats and protecting one's life in the moment."

Notably older than most of the Shadow Knaves, Pepper is a robust woman who is known for being very individualistic even in her fashion. Some of her outfits border on bondage gear and lingeree, while she's also been known to wear leopard-print jackets, or giraffe-print pants; however, she always wears combat boots and fingerless, mid-forearm-height gauntlets. She herself is a fuschia hyena, with dark maroon hair in a mohawk; spots; hands, feet, and muzzle-end. As well, her narrow eyes have black sclera and amber-gold irises, with slit pupils, and she has a thick mane around her neck. Some of her outfits reveal a crooked, poorly-healed scar on her left hip, curling down to just above her knee.

Pepper is a freelance singer, as well as an undertaker of odd jobs and random tasks. She first came into the Shadow Knaves when she helped a group of them protect orphans from a group of street clan thugs. Ever since, she spends most of her time at the Shadow Knaves HQ, getting hammered smashed blitzed jugged and stone-cold ####faced, while still making time for a rousing sea shanty or two. Her only stated goal is to find her darling little sister, and make sure she's not terrorizing the Spirit-fearing tax-paying citizens of Anduruna.

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T3rminal9/15/13 5:43pm
I have a problem. For one, your last character was a "one post wonder". What is to stop this one from being the same? I understand tweaking a character and such, possibly not using it anymore, but after one post? My fear is that you shall do so again only to create another new character.

Also, her power is very...strong. the thickening of bone and muscle structure is fine, so is the moving of her own internal organs. But creating dummy organs and changing her bones into weapons just seems....a little much. For one, bones and such are under the skin and muscle, thereforrle moving them to the surface would be extremely painful and would cause her to not be able to move for the fact that her bone is in the wrong place. The turning her bones into weapons...what do you mean? Springers? Blades? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

These are my own personal nitpicks, and while I know powers are magic and can do crazy things...I think this is just a bit too crazy.

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RennacFaintheart9/15/13 7:19pm
I agree with T3minal. Some of the stuff is ok, but the bone weapons is a little out there. Maybe have he knuckles get plated so she can punch with the same force as brass knuckles or even make a punch dagger from a chitin plate. If you move your bones, you are only paralyzing yourself.

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MrPhoenix9/15/13 7:23pm
While I agree with both T3rm and Ren, I feel that we kinda have to be fair.

Ren, Rennac's power is basically "Make-Whatever-The-Fuck-She-Wants-Or-Needs." Which in comparison to the bone power isn't that far off in tier. Not to sound mean or start a fight.

To be honest, making bone weapons isn't so abstract for me. The way I see it, it's just a "growing claws" power. Only the "claws" are bones from the person involved. As long as the rules of reality and reason that I said before are followed, I see this as just another power.

Now, I do agree that powers have to work with the laws of reality and reaction. SO if you move your bones or muscles, it won't just be a good thing, you will have jelly arms or lose control of a body part to strengthen another. You move muscle, there isn't muscle to keep things running.

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AriaOutlander9/15/13 8:49pm
To make that power work (imho), I would make the character have a greater bone mass and density. and maybe not move the muscles around. though, chitin plates or spikes coming from fists/elbows would be rad. always think of downsides to a power, as well as the upsides. c:

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RennacFaintheart9/16/13 9:04am
Just meant that the phrasing could have been a little better. Redistributing bone mass could make the power plausible for use. It's the moving the entire bone that would be much harder. Besides, she needs a good hour or two to make lasting items. Normally it's a shadow spike she quickly nabs and uses for a sword. Once the power is released, it will dissipate unless she goes through the long process of condensing shadows into physical form. But back on topic.

The bone weapons is plausible if you simply redistribute the bone mass while keeping the structure there, if a bit weakened. The main drawback is that it is not as dense as regular bone and could break more easily if you have a bone weapon out and not in your skeletal system.

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MrPhoenix9/16/13 12:58pm
That's note exactly my point of Ren's power compared to the bone one. Rennac can basically make anything she can physically want, even it it takes hours to make it real, it's real enough for the get go. It's a made weapon, the bone power is more limited in my eyes. Only a few things can be made from bone, while Ren can seemingly make anything in an instant. Even if it disappears after the halo fades, it's real when it is needed.

Moving bones is cool in my books, just realize that moved bones are not where they should be and that can cause many issues similarly.

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