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Subscribe to this thread Children of the Night - OOC created by Gloves on February 25, 2013

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RennacFaintheart9/11/13 2:10pm
Well, they need to bend some. If the metal is too brittle then it will easily break. For instance, check out the Jian sword used by the Wudang. It's made from very flexible spring steel which allows it to bend around some of your opponent's defenses. It's trickier to handle more flexible swords, but they tend to last longer with proper maintenance and use.

As for the MMO discussion, WoW is still around since it's more widely recognized. It's been around since everquest and has flourished with Blizzard's development. People have also spent more time there so they dont want to just drop their lvl 85 paladin and start an entirely new game. Not to mention the more artistic style of the graphics draw the eye more than standard graphics such as how TF2 was designed. Anyway, I still give my edge to RIFT due to how it fully immerses the player right from the bat with rift invasions starting from day 1 of your character's development. It helps further drive the storyline and keeps the player interested.

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Roan9/11/13 2:26pm
I have to agree. I'm starting to lose my touch for WoW a lot, mainly because I have no more time to be dealing with any of that stuff anymore, because of collage.

Pho, I don't hate any of you people on here. Nobody. Yeah, I do get pissed off sometimes, but it's not like I really try to. When I was still in Highschool, I lost a lot of my friends, because I suffer from MPD.

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MrPhoenix9/11/13 2:32pm
Why the fuck do you people think I'm being serious for even a second?

I've never seen Roan get mad, so that's why I go and call her the maddest of us.

And to be as real as possible, Roan, I know you don't hate anybody, that's why I TRIED to make a joke out of it.

As for talking about MMOs I just wanted to say my preference, GW2 is free, has a changing world and random events, and enough end game stuff to keep MMMMMEEEEEEE happy. You can all hate it with a passion, but it's what I like. WoW didn't have that and that's why I quit after capping in like a two months of lazy playing. It didn't want to keep getting 15 bear asses for some random guy.

As for the sword talk, I have no idea who that is, I'm gonna guess a video game guy. But to get a real life example the indian "whip blade." It's a literal 30 foot long piece of thin metal and can be whipped around to cut things. Pain in the dick to use, but it's real. I was just talking about actually used swords and not the rare choices. Kyra has a long sword and the blade fell off. Probably because Axton don't do that shit.

Don't get me wrong, I advertise Axton's shit constantly. P.S. Your shit is shit, Axton's shit is good shit, so buy it.

I just wanted to ask why.

In fact... I just remembered that Kyra asked for bow lessons, there is your reason. Kyra was working towards a discount on lessons. Answer achieved.

P.S.S. I still need Kyra to give a date on when to start the lessons.

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RennacFaintheart9/11/13 3:57pm
Wudang is a Chinese school of martial arts. The Jian is the name of the kind of sword. It's dwarfed by the popularity of the Shaolin school though so I'm not too shocked you never heard of it. I found an introduction to the sword and the martial arts school here: If you look closely you can see how easily the blade bends to reduce strain on the weapon.

As for GW2, its just that I never really tried it. Though I have to agree with the fetch quest point you made. Got tired of collecting boar livers around the 50th time I was sent out to get them

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MrPhoenix9/11/13 4:05pm
Not to sounds mean as I know I am kinda on the hot seat right now, but I don't care for martial arts. I've tried a few and it's not interesting to me in any way shape or form. I just decided to learn the ancient and martialiest or arts, fighting. You know, the art that only army men have been able to master.

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T3rminal9/11/13 4:06pm
Never played WoW and don't plan on starting now. I'm more of a diablo fan myself. As for some mmorpgs, I prefer f2p with the option of p2p.

Sorry pho, I have a hard time reading your sarcasm through this.

Swords do need a slight bit of bend to them, but not ridiculous amounts. Good example is that you wouldn't want to kill someone with a fencing foil, but would with a rapier.

And roan, we shan't leave you cause you have mpd. Hell, I dibt even know what that is! To Google I go!

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MrPhoenix9/11/13 5:31pm
You can tell if I'm sarcastic by looking at my spelling. If my spelling is proper, but goofy, it's sarcastic or joking. How it was used in my last endeavor, I added a "s" to the end of a lot of words. Talking like that is usually synonymous with stupid talking or silliness.

If I'm being serious, I have this strange habit or getting very "proper" and calmer. Just look back at one of the many arguments I've been a part of. My words get bigger, more elaborate, and I type almost methodically.

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Roan9/11/13 9:01pm
True.... But I'm also like my Pecan-Bro. I'm not good with readig sarcasm...

But, anyways, guess what? I had a major test yesterday, and passed it with only an A-.


Genius Roan strikes again!

I LOVE DIABLO! And GW2. That's pretty awesome, cause it's not the same thing over and over again.

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T3rminal9/11/13 11:50pm
Congrats on the A-! Its still an A and that's what counts in my book!

Also Diablo is awesome. I haven't played D3 yet, but D2 and D1 were both very thrilling. I play them still. Haven't played GW2 yet...I probably should.

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MrPhoenix9/12/13 4:29am
Congratulations Roan.

As for GW2, I always say to try things out. I tried WoW and hated it, but I tried it and I wouldn't have figured out if I liked it or not. Then, I tried GW2 and loved it, also wouldn't have known I liked it till I tried.

So at the end of the day, try everything once, you won't know what you hate and like till you do.

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RennacFaintheart9/12/13 12:54pm
I was referring to the fact that different swords have different qualities, not so much advertising the martial art. Anyway, I kinda shyed away from Diablo 3 when I heard about the server issues they had. Once again, I kinda avoid anything done by EA. What sucks more though is that I am going to be boycotting the new star wars games as well. I personally blame disney for making the choice to entrust one of my favorite brand of video game to my most hated developer.

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MrPhoenix9/12/13 1:21pm
Oh ok, I know what different flavors blades can come in, but Kyra didn't have a Wukong sword or a "whip sword." That's why I wanted to know what was going on.

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joeden9/12/13 1:30pm
I got diablo 3 for free blizzard just gave it to me. :) also Renn what server issues? I played for a good 7 hours with no problems at all.

But other then that I enjoy dawn of war 2 chaos and lotr war in the north I even managed to find a copy of Warcraft 1 and 2 even age of empires 2 exp.

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RennacFaintheart9/12/13 7:29pm
On the launch I heard a lot of Error 37 from people who played it. At launch the servers would crash and it kept anyone from even playing the single player game

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joeden9/12/13 7:37pm
it's not there anymore there's no more problems from the game

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