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Subscribe to this thread Children of the Night - OOC created by Gloves on February 25, 2013

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RennacFaintheart9/9/13 5:39pm
Come on, that was a little harsh. I was just looking out for you. I even stayed out of the whole bubble wrap discussion. Dont worry about the RP, just focus on getting better, k?

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Roan9/10/13 7:34am
I didn't mean it to be offensive of anything. Honestly, I'm actually quiet happy that you it's are constantly worrying about me. I'm working on getting better, and I'm trying my hardest with collage. It's my first year, so yeah, I'm stressed out, but I try to get on whenever I can. Roleplaying with you guys, is like a stress reliever to me.

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T3rminal9/10/13 8:28am
We relieve stress? Hell I thought we created it! Glad that we can be of useful stress relieving service to you

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MrPhoenix9/10/13 1:06pm
No, T3rminal, WE don't cause stress. You all relieve it, just not me, as we all know Roan fucking hates me with a royal passion. Still not sure why... but hey, Roan's hate is Roan's hate.

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joeden9/10/13 7:49pm
Best to say today is horrid for wow lagged 90% of the time new patch content sucks first day out...

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Roan9/11/13 7:26am
..... Pho?

Why would you ever think that I hated you? I know, I sometimes act like a bitch, but I try not to.

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RennacFaintheart9/11/13 10:13am
Not a big fan of WoW. It is the only MMO that refuses to go with the f2p option. I prefer Rift. The class system is incredibly dynamic and theres all kinda of innovative gameplay features. The daily invasions and rifts are a big plus and it's even scaled by zone so everyone can take part. Whats more is that absolutely NO two characters are the same. When you are allowed 3 subclasses to build as you go, you can easily cater to your play style.

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joeden9/11/13 10:18am
f2p ruins most games if you look at swtor it got recked and besides when its pay to play there's no freeium players

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RennacFaintheart9/11/13 11:38am
True, some people pull it off poorly. Swtor started to suck mainly because of how EA set it up. It was meant to just give people a taste while at the same time to keep them from fully enjoying it and restricting them till they actually got the subscription. It wasn't that EA couldn't figure out how to make it a balanced f2p, it was just a way to get more people to buy a subscription and make more money. I kind of hated EA with the recent generation so it's no big surprise. Rift though has done a good job. It doesn't give subscribed players an unfair edge like most other games. Most of the items in the store are cosmetic anyway so it doesn't ridiculously unbalance the gameplay.

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joeden9/11/13 12:42pm
yea but i still perfer wow especially since siege of orgrimmar just came out.

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MrPhoenix9/11/13 12:50pm
No Roan, I'm talking about that one time when you literally said to me, "Phoenix, you's is bitch. You's will always be hated bitch. I"s hate's you's." You literally said you hated me right then.

Also based on the fact that you still haven't answered my question on why the fuck Kyra went to a fletcher/bowyer for a sword repair.

Also Guild Wars 2 for life, EA is a bitch and WoW has more holes in it than Swiss cheese, ass well as no replay value.

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joeden9/11/13 12:56pm
If wow sucks then why is it still one of the biggest MMOs in the world for 10 years now?

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MrPhoenix9/11/13 1:00pm
Stockholm Syndrome, people don't want to just drop the past few years of work by quitting.

And the fact that many people treat it like CoD, a mindless time suck where you do the same raids and the same broken PVP instances again and again.

Not that I'm calling any one of them bad, 'cept anything EA has, fuck those guys.

I just can't stand or play WoW as the game ends once you hit the level cap. And the PVP is way to broken for my tastes. Some people just like doing the same thing over and over again for little to no benefit, I'm not one of them.

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T3rminal9/11/13 1:45pm seems that there are some tensions in the forums. Let's all just calm down some.
Pho, is everything okay? Cause I'm pretty sure roan was joking when she said that she hated you, and she probably just needed some way to get her char into some action. Hence the sword to a bower. After all, why would he have a forge if he didn't do some metal work?

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MrPhoenix9/11/13 1:51pm
Really? You thought I was being serious? I added an s to everything.

I wasn't being serious, I know Roan hates me just as much as she does everybody else (Which is alot FYI).

And he does have a forge, but only to make metal bow frames and arrow heads. The frames, which he would have to work with more, would have to be flexible to allow a draw. Swords are not suppose to bend, only cu stuff.

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