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Gloves2/25/13 6:57pm
Children of the Night is an all-levels Dreamkeepers RP with few guidelines and a simple, flexible plot:

A few Dreamkeepers, members of a street clan in the Talocan District called the Shadow Knaves, struggle to find their place in swiftly changing world. With Dark Dreamkeepers and Sandmen rampant, living in starving conditions and never sure where their next meal will come from, they survive by nothing but their own innovation and the assistance of their fellow members.

There will be no strict posting order, but there should be absolutely NO one-liners in posts, and members should try to avoid just one and one rping for more than a few posts.

If you'd like to join, simply fill out the Dreamkeeper portion of your profile, and post here saying you'd like to get involved. (Images or descriptions for the Dreamkeeper aren't necessary, but if you could get one up pretty quickly that'd be great.)
For now, all characters must be part of the Shadow Knaves, but later on we might start wanting Shock Troopers or common civilians. Keep an eye on the latest posts to see what's available, and have fun roleplaying! :)

Any questions can be asked here or PMed to me.
The RP thread can be found here:



The Knaves were started by Aften Fairholme and a currently unnamed older figure when she was about eight. The intention was for it to be a children's home, for any child that didn't have anywhere else to go. Over time, they began taking in teenagers, and then adults, and now act as a haven for any 'Keeper that needs somewhere to go.

Around when Aften was seventeen, the older figure left due to old age, and she inherited the Clan.


Please alert me by PM if your character's name is misspelled or missing.
>#) DK (+ Ryuu-Neko)<
1) Aften (+ Jemery) [lvl 1]
2) Solomon [lvl 2]
3) Hogan [lvl 3]
1) Mal
2) Gloweyes
3) Stretch
1) Rennac (+ Rose)
2) Colm
3) Jaiden
1) Sara [lvl 3]
2) --
3) --
1) Nives
2) "The White Dragon"
3) Nasius
1) Cyprus
2) --
3) --
1) Aria
2) Truxton
3) --
1) Tuesday
2) --
3) --
1) Jamie
2) Alex
3) Ollow
1) Shiloh
2) Saeko
3) Skye (+ Cyrano)
1) Ataraxi



Okay, it seems like everybody now has at least two characters (I'm not excluded), and if you don't, you should still read this before making more. Just so that we don't have a flood of characters that no-one can keep track of, I'm going to put some new rules on character making into effect. If you read these and feel that they're too strict, feel free to tell me, and if you make a good case I'll happily change them.

You're allowed to have 3 total characters, not including Ryuu-Nekos (which will be addressed later). For your first, if you just post the information on them here or have it in your profile, as soon as someone who's been here for a good while (such as Esayo) or me says you're good, feel free to get going.

The first character must be your primary and used the most often, and a member of the Shadow Knaves. Any characters after that depend on the circumstances--if they are going to appear regularly, then they must be, but if they are there for specific plots, and only show up periodically or rarely, then it can be discussed whether they need to be.

For all later characters, before bringing them in, please fill out the following form or something similar to it, and wait for me to approve it:
Appearance: (Can be a picture, and doesn't have to be detailed at all. General colour and species and any distinguishing markings or scars.)
Backstory: (Again, doesn't have to be detailed at all.)

You'll be allowed two Ryuu-Nekos, and both must be pets of your characters.

Any characters you already have you can keep, but if it's 3 or more, don't add to it.

Things like guards that only appear briefly don't add to your character count, and can be played by whoever's handy. They're allowed a power and a small description, but no names, and they can only appear the once.

Just for the record, none of this is intended to sound accusatory--you all are doing amazing with the characters and plots, and half of this is just to make sure future players don't show up with fifteen characters then disappear off the face of the Earth.

Name: Solomon Caesar
Power/Halo: Freezes time/Very pale blue
Appearance: Red and gray bird-man
Backstory: Dark Dreamkeeper since his youth--runs a Dark Dreamkeeper club

Name: Hogan Efra
Power/Halo: Burning hot/glowing hands/Dark red
Appearance: Orange and bright blue-green goat-rodent
Backstory: Solomon's grand-nephew, works for him in the Dark Dreamkeeper club


There is now--drumroll--a FOURTH CHARACTER SLOT!

However, rather than being a given, this one must be earned. Kind of.

Firstly, all of the three given slots must be filled.

But more importantly, each of those characters must be well-established characters among the RP. The definition of "established", as used here, is that each character must have two relationships with characters played by other people on the RP.

For example: Aften has several relations--such as her close bond with Mal, her respect but weariness of Tuesday, her parental views towards either Ollow or Skye, etc. However, I myself wouldn't be able to make a fourth character, because neither Solomon nor Hogan have multiple relationships with characters that aren't played by me.

In order to get the fourth character, simply fill out the form already, but add this bit at the end:

Relation 1; Summary
Relation 2; Summary
Relation 1; Summary
Relation 2; Summary
Relation 1; Summary
Relation 2; Summary


Esayo is now the co-RP-runner-person, and so has the power to do things like approve second and third characters.

Finished the floor plan! <3

Any questions on it, or things that need specifying, lemme know.

The Knaves keep folding chairs all over the place--the shed on the roof is just full of them, so they just sort of float around, so there are those chairs all over the place. The chairs in the 4th floor room are plushy recliners, and so deserved note.

The room on the 3rd floor, with the desk and table, is the more legitimate "med room"--most of their bandages and other basic medical supplies are kept there.

The wooden walls are very thin, and full of holes where boards have rotted away or been broken out. Most of them are covered with paper (on most of the walls on the floor with the kids' bunk, there are childrens' drawings nailed to the walls to cover up the holes but still let in light). There are no actual windows, but light still gets in.

The rooms behind the staircases are storage--a few folding tables, a bunch more folding chairs (because there can never be enough of those), and whatever else people feel like shoving in there.

And because I forgot to put a door on the shed on the roof, the door is where the "d" is.

As for why Aften gets her own room: I think I mentioned before that she was one of the founding members of the Knaves--her and some unspecified older person. That older person stayed in a room near the kids in case there was an emergency with one of them in the middle of the night--that's also the bed that a kid will stay in when they're sick.
When the Knaves legit founder left them, Aften just inherited the room. She does the most work taking care of the kids, and so tries to stay as close to them as she can. That's about where they're located. (Disclaimer: Map art done by Dave Lillie, cruddy dot and arrow by Gloves.)

In a fight, any one character can perform two attacks, and can receive three attacks. Dice will be rolled by the attacker to decide whether their character's attacks hit. The number that needs to be rolled will depend on the character's fight level.
Each character will be given a level of 1-5, depending on their fighting skill. In a dice roll, in order for their attack to hit, they'll need to roll their number or lower. So, a level 4 fighter would need to roll a 1, 2, 3, or 4 to hit, and a 5 or 6 would miss.
There is no level six. There is always the possibility that your character will miss.
The level will be chosen for your character, though it can be discussed. A number of factors will be considered, and an effort will be made to make sure both parties are happy.
A 'Keepers power ill not affect their fight level. However, it will affect how they fight. Their pwoer will fall under one of three categories, and it can be discussed whether it falls under more. (If a power doesn't fit under any of these for whatever reason, it will not affect your character's fighting.)
-Extra Offensive: If a theoretical 'Keeper could make tentacles, or something else that adds to the number of hands they have to hit with. They gain two extra attack slots.
-Normal Offensive: Such as Hogan's super heated hands. This will affect none of his stats, but will deal more damage when the hit lands.
-Escape: Such as Aften's teleporting or Solomon's time-freezing. If they try to escape, they succeed automatically.
Make sure there is a posting order, first--if it's just two players, just take turns. Post as you normally would, but make sure you leave all attacks open ended--do not say whether or not they hit or miss. For the number of attacks, roll that many dice using the bar beside the "post" button. After the descriptive part of your post, put in this chart
/Attack 1:
/Attack 2:
and fill it out as needed.
Aften, who has very little fighting experience, is a level 1. Hogan, who has a lot of fighting experience, but is very not very coordinated, is a level 3.
_Aften 'ports to just behind Hogan and tries to punch him.
_/Attack: Punch to back of neck.
_/Injuries: None.
(Rolls a 3. Attack fails.)
_Hogan avoids the hit, and retaliates with a backhand to her face.
_/Attack: Backhand to face.
_/Injuries: None.
(Rolls a 2. Attack hits.)
_Aften takes the hit, is knocked backwards. Decides to run, teleports away.
_/Attack: None-escape attempted. Escape power, no roll necessary.
_/Injuries: Burn to the face, slapped in the face.

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Esayo2/25/13 7:31pm
Alright! This sounds great, I'd love to get involved.

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Gloves2/25/13 8:08pm
Great! Feel free to reply in the RP thread. :D

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Thegunner182/26/13 10:47am
Good on you for making the first RP on the new forums, Gloves! Also, count me in for this. I'll have to be making a new Dreamkeeper for this, though, so that'll take a few days at least. When I've finished with all that stuff I'll tell you. :3

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Gloves2/26/13 10:51am
Great! :D Once your profile and what not is filled out, feel free to just get started rping. :)

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RennacFaintheart2/26/13 10:57am
I'd be happy to take part in the RP.

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Thegunner182/26/13 11:03am
I was thinking that I could use Soren as a kind of...associate of sorts (the DK on my profile at the moment), but considering he'd need to be in the Shadow Knaves at the moment, I didn't think it really suited him too well. ;) (He's a sciency guy)

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Gloves2/26/13 12:37pm
@Rennac: Great, start up whenever you like! :)

@Thegunner: Do you mean to have him be an associate of the new character once you bring them in, or have him be an associate of the Shadow Knaves now?
I'm perfectly alright with him being an associate as long as he isn't your primary character, and doesn't appear in all of your posts. Later on, when we start accepting outside of the Clan, I'd be perfectly fine with him actually coming in as a character.
Since we're still finding our feet, for now I think he can be an "off-screen" kind of dude--mentioned, but not yet actually appearing, unless you change your mind and decide to actually put him in the clan.
Does that make sense?

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Thegunner182/26/13 1:31pm
Yeah, I meant an associate of the Shadow Knaves. That was just a random idea that popped into my mind, though. I'm fine just sticking to creating my new character, so don't worry about it. :D

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Esayo2/26/13 1:38pm
*Drags Gunner in*

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Thegunner182/26/13 1:48pm
Come on now, good sir! That sort of unruly behaviour won't get you far! :3

Also, the spellcheck thing in this reply box thinks my British spelling is wrong. :(

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Esayo2/26/13 1:49pm
British spelling is never wrong.

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MrPhoenix2/26/13 1:53pm
This sounds like fun, but I got a bit of a problem with signing on my character. He is a rather well off man on the Talocan beach, but he is a soft hearted man with an undying need to help the world. He is a lethal swordsman and doesn't care for any laws, he works by his own code which is centered around justice. Meaning he would be more than happy to help out the Shadow Knaves with any problem they would have. If you would be ok with this let me know.

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Thegunner182/26/13 1:55pm
I like to think that, Esayo. ^-^ Are you British, too or something?

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Gloves2/26/13 1:56pm
Currently, we're only looking for actual members of the Shadow Knaves. If he wouldn't actually join up at the moment, feel free to keep an eye here, and once we start accepting members outside of the clan, it will be posted.

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