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Subscribe to this thread Prelude (Last Update: 2/2/18) Scrubbing For The Scum created by BigEasy on February 14, 2013

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PrototypeBast12/8/17 5:47pm
"CARPE....Wait where the hell am I?......"

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TalkedSpy12/15/17 4:23pm
Why did Mace dip his hand in acid?

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TalkedSpy12/22/17 6:07am
Oh wow, I think my heart just broke now. ;_;

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PrototypeBast12/22/17 10:33am

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TalkedSpy12/22/17 12:48pm
Vi dreaming about her memories of her father. Look at prelude. It also confirms that dreamkeepers can indeed dream.

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PrototypeBast12/22/17 2:55pm
......She had a Father?...........

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TalkedSpy12/22/17 3:34pm
Of course, everyone does.

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PrototypeBast12/22/17 7:45pm
Sorry for the shock,I'ts just we know so little about Vis past and this is a BIG reveal.

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BigEasy1/5/18 8:03pm
I think we're gonna need pinups of Vi in that outfit. For reference. Yes.

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MaddTheSane1/12/18 7:56pm
And the guard said something completely stupid. This will result in blood.

Somebody bring the popcorn.

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PrototypeBast1/13/18 5:11pm
"Since when did we have a red recliner?"

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AlextheTeknian2/4/18 6:35am
This latest prelude pages are really getting good and interesting. I wonder what Vi is gonna discover and what kind of reveals theres gonna be. even in that outfit Vi still looks very badass.

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