Lilith: Unassumingly sweet, Lilith’s quiet personality is at odds with her father’s fame. Preferring a good book to a blaring spotlight doesn’t protect her from the jealousies of her peers, however - or the difficulty of having a secret, anarchic sister... Click the link to see Lilith’s first Prelude appearance.
Namah: Concealed at birth to protect her father’s reputation, Namah’s resentment knows no bounds - except for walls, locks, and guards. But none of that stops her campaign to be feared, or her convoluted escape attempts. Click the link to see Namah’s first Prelude appearance.
Ms. Muliebral: Tasked with caring for the girls' daily needs on top of her duties as maid, Ms. Muliebral is not paid nearly enough. Click the link to see Ms. Muliebral’s first Prelude appearance.
Woods, Damon, & Bill: Among a handful of security guards in the loop about the Viscount’s secret offspring, it becomes their task to contain Namah at all costs. Between Woods' healthy veneer of sarcasm, Damon’s trademark stoicism, and Bill’s knack for misfortune, the three may have the slimmest of chances at staying employed. Click the links to see their first Prelude appearances.




Viscount Calah : Commanding the highest political office in Anduruna, the Viscount’s image of wholesome confidence fuels his electoral charm. Unfortunately, his meticulously preened facade is the sum of his worth. Click the link to see the Viscount’s first Prelude appearance.
Tinsel: Simultaneously ravenous for attention and contemptuous of others, Tinsel’s fashion / pop star career wasn’t enough to sate her appetites. Via sugar and acid, Tinsel always gets what she wants - and she wants high-profile power. Click the link to see Tinsel’s first Prelude appearance.
Nainso: Consummately unobtrusive, Nainso’s position as Director of Executive Relations is more challenging in light of the Viscount’s penchant for distraction. Click the link to see Nainso’s first Prelude appearance.
Stacephanie: Born to entitlement, Stacephanie’s world is still miraculously rife with bitter injustice - not least of which is the fact that Lilith Calah gets more publicity than her. When she’s not avidly worshipping the latest flash in the pan pop star, Stacephanie finds time to be ungrateful. Click the link to see Stacephanie’s first Prelude appearance.
Triffany: A lot like Stacephanie. Click the link to see Triffany’s first Prelude appearance.
Leslieanna: A lot like Triffany. Click the link to see Leslieanna’s first Prelude appearance.
Ashleybelle: Privately concerned that she may not be enough like Leslieanna. Click the link to see Ashlibelle’s first Prelude appearance.
Evzen: Newly transferred to the boy’s division of the Tower Academy, hazing dares find him frequently venturing into the girl’s division. There Evzen finds himself connecting with the only female student who wants absolutely nothing to do with him- Lilith Calah. Click the link to see Evzen’s first Prelude appearance.
Kalei and Jeneviv: With temperaments inverse as their colors, these sisters have a touch for ruffling feathers when events wax dull. They’re terrible matchmakers, but like to stay in practice.