#357; The Joy of Painting with Rick Zinger ~----~ #358; Favorite Showdown

  Liz: We‘ve been sitting on that Rick Zinger painting show idea for a while now. The last ‘Prelude‘ended up not including a list of Namah‘s shows, so we gave it priority here. If you‘re not ‘in‘ on the art joke, there‘s a PBS painting program in endless syndication from the 70s/80s called ‘The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross‘ (you can find episodes on Youtube) and it is the most soothing show at 3am. Heck, at anytime. The guy is unreal, and with an afro like that, you have to wonder what kind of a crazy time was going on back then. I think Rick Zinger knows. _____________________________________________________________________ David: Ahh, Bob Ross… He actually came on one day, and we were remarking over how absolutely relaxing and delightful his demeanor was. Then, of course, we had to wonder: What would an identical show with an utterly opposite personality be like? And now you have Rick Zinger. This strip was not timed to coincide with Charlie Sheen’s meltdown, that’s just a bizarre coincidence. _____________________________________________________________________ Liz: I introduced you to the show, actually. I used to watch it Sunday mornings before orchestra in high school. I continue to wonder, where are these little old ladies who paint to this show at 3am and 6am?

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