#308; Costly Upbringing

  David: Actually, I find myself wondering about that from time to time… Why DON’T schools teach kids about money? As a (purported) adult, I’ve got to do all kinds of crap relating to paying other people money. Why were they teaching us arcane stuff like math and reading when they could have been teaching us useful things, like the finer points of bill paying? *Sigh…* And to think the National Education Association has ignored all of my brilliant letters. The fools. They’ll see. They’ll all see. _____________________________________________________________________ Liz: Since you bring it up, Dave, my high school did have a class for that, exclusively for seniors, called ‘Consumer Math’. On one hand, we learned how to look through classified ads to purchase a vehicle, the correct way to balance and check book and fill out a check (I hope kids know how to do this before 12th grade.) and have snack time. See, it was one of those double-edge sword classes. The second half of the class was actual useful stuff, and the first half was spent making sure nobody could deny knowing how to do long division or basic addition. I’m not kidding. Snack time was every Friday and story time was at the end of the day. Still not kidding. And the in-class-work made one feel unusually guilty because of how easy the whole thing was. But when I say ’story time’ it was really the teacher talking about his life and the mistakes he made, minus drugs and booze stories. So we heard about how he finally quit smoking, the best way to patch apartment walls as you move out, and that if you set Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon it matches The Wizard of Oz half way through. Which we also did during class. All of this and the motivational self-help books we were assigned to read may sound like a waste of time, but senior year was very stressful (my home town assumes everyone who is anyone will be attending U of M or MSU) , and frankly a break of ‘krispy treats was welcome. And in comparison to the kids panicking in elite algebra 5, who attend U of M and six years later sell cosmetics out of their parent’s home, maybe it could have helped. _____________________________________________________________________ David: …You got snack time?

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