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  David: …In Namah‘s defense, she was up very late doing her best to project terror through the walls. I don’t think she actually dropped asleep until just a few hours before dawn, so one can hardly blame her for the lack of pep. …And, also, fedoras just make everything better, don’t they? It makes me outraged at current events. Here we go through a perfectly serviceable recession, and yet I see no lines of well dressed men in fedoras. I feel like I’ve been shortchanged! Seeing middle-aged folks shuffling about as though surprised to find themselves in sweatpants is absolutely no replacement. If I can pull it off, then anyone can - I demand a stylishly downtrodden citizenry. _____________________________________________________________________ Liz: Dave and I had a nice long discussion in the car about the can and cannots of tackling Namah and whether or not the guards would be able to pull her out of bed by her feet. We (by we I mean Dave) opted that being awake for a tutor is less of a requirement and more of a ’she should, but it’s really up to her’ situation. I think leaving the room with her blankets in tow is completely in their line of duty, but perhaps that would be a bit unreasonable. And the first strip’s detective line was so weak it merited a whole little scene by itself to repair the damage. I like it when Bill and Wood’s imaginations collaborate: ceiling fans can be *anywhere*.

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