#278; Frustrations Unleashed ~----~ #279; Disaster Instamatic

  David: It was only a matter of time before Vi’s unleashed rage lost its focus and became a weapon of mass destruction… It would seem that letting her aggression go free is tapping into the well of angst that can so easily build up when one is living on a boat with a shark. And sometimes, when a girl has had to put up with too much, bystanders get hurt. ______________________________________________________________________ Liz: There’s just something about having twice the weapons that makes you feel really cool. And Dave, you make it sound like Vi’s streak of ‘pown-age’ is limited strictly to her character. I can attest that a lot of girls if not all, will go out of their way to not only win a game, but also annihilate the competition and rub it in their faces. And if not win, at least get really *really* mad at one person in particular and declare the game over. I’m surprised the other orphans are allowed to even hit Vi back. Fortunately for them, she’s just too quick.

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