#255; Dark Above the Clouds

  David: Looking at the center panel here, it occurs to me that Namah could find gainful employment as a gargoyle. Its always fun when the illustrative story-arc concluding comics pop up, because I get an excuse to add the extra shading. Its done on separate pieces of paper with the side of a pencil. After scratching in the shadows and highlights, Photoshop is used to balance everything and make it look good. Id be interested in experimenting down the road with ink washes for a different feel, though. Also, that Woods pose where hes nodding off is legitimate - thoroughly researched. Ive seen it many times in my scintillating real-life security exploits. _______________________________________________________________________ Liz: So this is the final strip for this Lilith and Namah arc, and well be visiting Mace next week. We had to update the archive page with a different summary and picture for this grouping because a funny thing happened: we didnt originally intend to stop here. There was a very specific and extensive storyline when we started these strips, lasting an evening and a day for the characters. We drafted a story summary to stay on track that went on for about two pages single spaced of what was going to happen. But weve gone through say, 74 strips now.and thats only the first paragraph of the outline- the night before. So Dave suggested that we have an impromptu intermission and break up the outline for a Mace moment, otherwise we may end up carrying on here with Namah for who-knows-how-long. Which Id be cool with, but Dave has a point. What this really means is: catch up with Namah later, Mace arc will be a little freeform, and please note that the last line of dialog here carries on into next week. Cause they do that.

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