#242; Flight of the Filibusters

  David: It all started so harmlessly. Originally designed as a single strip, we decided to make it double-size to accommodate the text comfortably... And then the poses started to get out of hand, and, splat. There it is. We had a bit too much fun this week, and it spilled over into a horrible, horrible alternate version of this comic… It’s up on the DeviantArt and FurAffinity accounts here: http://dreamkeepers.deviantart.com/art/Flight-of-What-136414183 Either we were way too sleep deprived after slapping our alternate version together, or it’s one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever read. I’m not quite sure which. That is for more level minds to decide. But, back to commentary on the ’official’ version of the comic as displayed above… Well, poor Lilith, basically. I think this dizzying swarm of two-faced manipulative parasitic banter really illustrates why she prefers books as company. Anyone would be an introvert if they knew THAT was waiting outside for them. …It wasn’t planned when I wrote it, but I like how the two politicians that go after her use two classic approaches for manipulating voters: Bribery and fear. …And gold suits. _______________________________________________________________________ Liz: At least three of my lungs were coughed up on the car ride home after working on this, and any brain cells left were spent laughing once we moved word bubbles around. Since then, we’ve been trying to figure out what the ---- happened to us, lack of sleep…alone in a box for too long….etc. For some reason, the full page strips always leave us the happiest, maybe it’s the timing, or that we don’t do them very often, but they just aren’t always necessary. Most ideas are quick, and that’s what’s best. But when the dialogue and timing get out of hand: vital organs are sacrificed for silly. So maybe “It’s as if the Hall of President’s gone a wry“ or Lilith’s “what the ---- is that!?” takes over our week. All I know is, we’ve been having a grand time with these characters in this room, and I’d like to visit again. Any characters who are self-aware enough to notice where the word bubbles are placed are cool in my book. As an added note, now I sometimes I walk like an airplane in public. You‘ve been warned, Dave.

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