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  David: I would like to point out that Bellomont (Grimace in the top-hat) has more obtuse word-balloon tails than the average character. Iím trying to convey a sort of thick, chortley-ness to his voice. Thereís not much one can do in comics to control character vocals, but by gum, Iíve done what I can. Although I suppose a lot of what makes comics appealing is the ability for readers to fill in those blanks with their imaginations. The fire ryuu-neko below was fun to color - heís not a main character or anything, but heíll pop up from time to time in the series. Dealing with the absolute snootiest imaginable creature, I tried to tint his fur into something reminiscent of a wine flavor, andÖ You can tell I donít get out much, canít you? _______________________________________________________________________ Liz: Yes, I specifically make sure Lilith is not on the red carpet, so the ryuuís colors will stand out, and you dull the animalís color palette as much as possible. Subtle reflections do have a nice touch though, and Iím sure Lilithís diverted location may serve a purpose in a later strip. Diligenceís (that is the name of this ryuu, youíll see) superior behavior comes directly from our golden tegu: our yellow lizard from Argentina. Besides refusing to smile, the lizard shows noncompliance by slowly closing whichever eye is closest to you resulting in a bored, silent indignation. If you turn the lizard around, youíll see it is really a calculated wide awake and is also, in actuality, an evil pirate.

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