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  David: It's too bad Namah's reverie was interrupted - the camera was going to keep zooming in, until the microscopic flower people finally became visible. Then the panel colors would've suddenly turned psychedelic, cuing the surprise Beatles soundtrack. Next, the ensuing 34 weeks of updates would be a fun parade of Munsell chart experiments in paisley shapes. But, now, it'll be back to boring story stuff as usual. Thanks, Mrs. Muliebral... I think Namah's confident yet utterly ignorant appreciation of nature reminds me somewhat of shifting environmental 'solutions' constantly brainstormed by scientists... Back in the 70's, confident that our climate was cooling at a dangerous rate, various methods were discussed to artificially heat the globe, thereby saving us all. Now that global warming has become the latest craze, with even more political clout than ever, various ideas - including dumping mass quantities of lab-formulated particles into our stratosphere to alter it's composition - are being seriously discussed. Considering humanity's track record with saying 'oops', I cringe to think of planetary experiments involving my air supply. ___________________________________________________________________________ Liz: Your paragraph started out humorously fun, and somehow turned into a scientific commentary on today’s news worthy issues. Good job, Dave. Way to keep us entertained. Global warming. Thanks. Maybe I can turn this around with my inane yet complicated rant on colors. “It seemed as if we’d seen quite a number of redish toned flowers in this arc of Prelude, however”…Ah. Here we go. “It could have been white, or yellow, but no, it is evidently one of those Fire Flowers from Super Mario Brothers. Now Namah is transformed into fire Namah, complete with bouncing fireballs at enemies. Is there an ice flower? It depends on which game you‘re playing.” I don’t know why this color palette appealed to me, but the red works with the green and the pink. That’s it really, nothing fancy. I like it when shadows are on Namah, and her eyes glow. Win.

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