Backtalk Blockout

  Dave: The Vanth / Bast arc takes place in the Calypsa district, right at the base of the Starfall mountains. The artist in me is excited at the lush background opportunities- beautiful forests, winding waterways, mountains capes… The human in me wants to kill the artist in me and get back to eating cookies somewhere. And yep, we’re trying to get back on the Commentary Train, as it has been missed by some. My closing thoughts on this Prelude: We were working to Everyone Loves Raymond episodes during it, so my brain is wired to associate this comic with Robert getting gored in the arse. Also, I love how Bast has the official title of ’Window Breaker.’ It was a photo finish between that and ’Chair Flipper.’ _____________________________________________________________________ Liz: I like ‘Chair Flipper’ as a better nickname, but Vanth’s parents would have noticed the glass first. Maybe it’ll come up again somewhere. Speaking of somewhere, that atmospheric perspective came out of somewhere…not sure where.

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