0289 - It’s Chitty Tyme

  Dave: I almost- *almost*- feel for the Viscount here. He really thought he was handing down a grand experience from on high. If only he had taken a minimal amount of time to understand Namah’s interests… But it does seem that certain adults can get a fixed notion about what kids like, and apply it like a fire extinguisher in hell. I think this approximates those results._____________________________________________________________________ Liz: Mr. Chitters is to marketing what Spongebob or Frozen is to today’s shopping experience. He’s that void of life cartoony face of joy that stampedes over the memories of childhood. If there’s an object for sale, say a rectal thermometer, his face is there to make you feel better. He has countless movies, shows, product placements, a theme song (yes, we wrote a theme song) and even a Loudhouse to ‘get your chit out’.

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