Cliffs of Ekklesia

This jumbled mass of shattered stone lies to the south of the city, effectively blocking travel. Its labyrinthine arroyos and twisting paths have never been successfully mapped out, making the interior of this cracked mesa a veritable maze of fractures, pits, caves, and cliffs. Geologists presume that the area’s famous formations must have been sundered by a prehistoric earthquake - and the destruction extends even into the Alchera ocean, with a tortured seafloor sprouting hundreds of tiny stone islands. Dangerous reefs have doomed many a sailor to watery death in the area, but that only made the ocean-side cliffs even more popular as a pirate hideout and staging area. Even to this day, for anyone wanting to vanish without a trace, an easy solution would be to stroll into Ekklesia. It is rumored that those banished for powers abuse may have settled here, due to the rare rumbling or mysterious flash of light that will emanate from within.